Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tweet for a Table - Leeds

About a month ago now an email popped up in my inbox from Co-operative food. They were touring the country doing something called 'Tweet for a Table'.

A pop up restaurant that as the name suggests you have to tweet to get a table. Lucky for me I didn't even have to do this... they asked me if I wanted a table for me plus a couple of friends.

I gladly obliged. Clearly.

Myself and two work colleagues went after work (our reservation pre-booked) excited to see what food would be served to us (for free!).

At 5.45pm we turned up (already told not to be late...) and were seated in their float like restaurant. It was nice to be sat outside dining alfresco and funny to see all the perplexed looks from people walking by.

The table mats were the menus and we were told that unfortunately Leeds City Council had told them they couldn't serve alcoholic beverages so we were stuck with the soft drink options.

As you can see from the menu above the soft drink options were sparkling elderflower juice or sparkling raspberry juice. Myself and L chose the raspberry with S choosing the elderflower.

The waiter pointed out to us the props that we could play with and then using the hash-tag #tweet4abeach tweet the pictures for the chance of winning a holiday Turkey... of course we obliged.

The dinner menu consists entirely of burgers which all come with American style fries and coleslaw. All meat burgers are Hereford which are gluten free and I guess one of the things they were trying to promote?

Myself and L went for the El Burger. The El Burger consists of Hereford burger, chorizo, mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and tomato chutney.

The humongous burger was an effort to eat elegantly, but the flavours were great. The mozzarella ended up a bit chewy a few bites in and I lost quite a bit of my chutney on the table but it was bloody good.

Here's L trying to eat hers... (not so elegantly)

S went for the Blue Steel Burger.

The blue steel burger is stacked with Hereford burger, blue Stilton cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and tomato chutney.

We were all a bit baffled by the seasoning on the fries... what was it? Why did it make them American style? Did it actually taste of anything? The only question we could answer was the last one... and that was no, no it didn't taste anything.

A great meal. Especially because it was free!

Tweet for a table is in Leeds for one more day tomorrow.... so get tweeting!

A word of caution... if you're near the stairs watch out for flying knives... one nearly killed me. Seriously. My life flashed before my eyes. *

You also get a voucher booklet at the end of your meal for... guess? Co-operative food of course!

* Slight exaggeration - no one is going to try and kill you with cutlery.