Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Primos Hotdogs - Themed Night

Primo's Gourmet Hot Dogs in Leeds Corn Exchange are doing a number of themed nights until December. Having seen one blog post of a previous night I was keen to give one a go. I chose to go to the American themed night on Independence Day (July 4th) which they named 'Dixie'.

A set menu of three courses with a drink to accompany each course. A £5 deposit is needed per person to book and the total cost is £17.50 each.

Myself and T arrived a few minutes early slightly squiffy from having spent a few hours in Brew Dog Bar after work whilst we waited for the night to start. 

First up was a bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer accompanied by Myrtle Beach Sticky Ribs.  

The ribs were okay, there wasn't much to them but no one wants to overeat on a starter. The cheese sauce that accompanied didn't taste of cheese but instead like some glupey  bread sauce.

We were hoping things would improve.

Next up was the main which came on a sharer plate. There were three small hot dogs each consisting of: Delaware - a beef dog topped with BBQ pulled pork, Georgia - a breaded chicken dog with white gravy (this tasted the same as the cheese sauce), Alabama - a beef dog with blue cheese dressing and sweetcure bacon. The hot dog mains also came with sides of potato wedges and Mac&Cheese in the jar in the middle.

The drink to accompany was a bottle of Dixie.

I am sad to say that everything was Luke warm at best. Primo's hot dogs are usually cooked to order and so hot that you have to wait a couple of minutes to eat them. This was not so on this night. I understand that they have a small kitchen not used to cooking for so many people all at once... but it wasn't like they didn't know how many people would be turning up and at what time seen as we had to book.

The hot dogs were okay at best and the blue cheese and white gravy both tasted exactly the same and I ended up scraping most of mine off with the extra bread (there was not a good bread to filling ratio).

The Mac&Cheese tasted like plastic and it had congealed together as if it had been sat around for a while.

Next up was dessert... starting to feel slightly disheartened at this point we waited in anticipation. Dessert was Mississippi Mud Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream. As you can see (below) it was starting to melt by the time it reached the table.

We wondered whether it was shop bought or homemade.. we presumed shop bought which again seemed a shame. If you can't make desserts yourself at least contact a local homemade producer *coughyummyyankcough*.

Accompanied with dessert was a New Orleans Hurricane liqueur cocktail. It had things floating in the top of it.... it didn't really pair well either.

I did get to leave one of my first business cards though... so not all was lost.

Picture posted on facebook... I appear to have gone to the toilet as I am not where I should be...

The potential to be a really good night but lacked atmosphere it felt too much like a lunch time special. I would have preferred to have waited for everyone before getting tucked in if that meant my food came freshly prepared. I thought they would of been more 'host' like with it being such an intimate venue with only prebooked guests.

It won't stop me visiting on non-themed days as I did last weekend, their normal every day menu is as good as it gets.

Here is a picture of the Mexicana I had last Saturday...

Mouth-burning-hot good meat to bread ratio, top class ingredients and accompanied by excellent chips. You can see why I was so disappointed by their themed night. I am looking forward to going back and trying my hand at a 'build your own dog'.

For a better review see here.