Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Browns 1973 menu - Leeds

I can't remember how or when but I signed up to 'friends of Brown's' emails but it was a long time ago. The last time I visited for food was about 4 years ago. I've popped in for the odd cocktail (on a few drunken nights) but I was never tempted to eat there again... From what I can recall the last time I visited I had steak and it was sent back, only to return with the same chips by then stone cold.
Four years on I decided to give them another chance after I received an email complete with voucher to try their '1973 Menu'. It's Brown's 40th birthday so they are celebrating by inviting 'friends of Brown's' to try the menu they were serving in 1973 (explanation for those who hadn't already guessed...). But wait... There's more... The menu is two courses for two people and only £19.73. What a deal. Less than £10 each for two courses.

I visited with good friend C on a Friday night. The inside of Brown's reminds me of a restaurant I visited in Disney World (Florida to the un-Disney educated), it's Disney's top restaurant and the bill came to over $100... I digress. Brown's has an almost 20's feel with its spherical lighting grand piano and levelled restaurant.

When we entered the restaurant we were a little confused as to where we needed to be to get a table as there was no one at the door as you entered. We asked at the bar and were told to wait at the end of the bar and a waiter would find us... No one found us until we moved to stand next to the piano...

Seated up a small flight of stairs near to the windows we pondered over the menu. We both decided that the dessert menu was more appealing than the starter menu so this would be our second course choice. 

Our waiter seemed a little snooty and not very friendly... Maybe because we were using a voucher? I thought we were supposed to be your friends Brown's? Act more friendly!

We ordered a Tempranillo Cabernet that was served above room temperature... I know it's warm and red isn't supposed to be as chilled as a bottle of white but the temperature definitely distorted the taste of this wine.

Nevertheless we told the waiter we had decided upon mains and desserts and he took our order.

For mains C Chose grilled breast of chicken with prosciutto, taleggio and basil oil served with seasoned chips . This looked amazing my mouth is still drooling over it now. There were no complaints from C and I could tell she was impressed with her dish.

Not wanting to chose the same thing (but very tempted to do so) I went for the steak and mushroom pie with pea and potato mash.

What a perfect looking pie. It tasted divine too. The flaky pastry was crisp and done to perfection with steaming hot steak and mushrooms beneath in a pool of gravy. 

I wasn't impressed with my mash. It was Luke warm at best. Luckily because the gravy from my pie was so hot I was able to pour it on top and pretend the mash was hot. 

Both now fit to burst we had to decide upon dessert.... They all sounded amazing. Ultimate comfort food. Sticky toffee pudding, crumbles, creme brûlée, salted caramel cheesecake...

It was all so morish!

C went for the sticky toffee pudding served with clotted cream, incredibly rich but a perfect pairing. 

I went for the peach and cherry crumble, slight skin on the self pour custard by the time it arrived at our table... it was a really good dish almost as good as a home made version. There was just so much of it! This could definitely serve two people.

Fairly quiet for a Friday evening, with snooty waiters I feel that Brown's are missing something. I think their pretentiousness may be scaring the good folk of Leeds away playing host to those who stay in the hotel opposite.

70-72 The Headrow
Leeds City Centre

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