Monday, 10 June 2013

Giraffe, Breakfast - Greek Street,Leeds

This establishment has now closed on Greek Street but you can still find them in the Trinity Centre. 

I haven't found too many places in Leeds to get a really good breakfast, but I had walked past Giraffe a few times before work and noticed the signs displayed advertising breakfast. So when the decision came to having breakfast last bank holiday Giraffe sprang to mind.

The place was almost empty with just one other couple sat at a table at the back.  We were greeted and seated almost straight away and treated to a table beside the window.

The breakfast menu contains your general boring (boring to me perhaps not to others...) things like porridge and fruit salads but it also does more interesting things such as breakfast burritos, deluxe toasties and a few brunch options too.

First to order drinks: I ordered a tea and a glass of fresh orange juice, TDS ordered a coffee and a ginger blast, which consists of fresh ginger, pineapple, red apple, elderflower cordial and banana. We both agreed it didn't really blast us with ginger... perhaps it was the rest of the ingredients dumbing it down. 

We both decided on the same thing to eat: Huevos Rancheros - Mexican Breakfast.

As you can see (sort of) from the picture above the Mexican breakfast is scrambled eggs, chorizo, black beans, cheese, adobe sauce, avocado and tomato salsa piled on top of a tortilla. All the flavours really worked together I commented and still think a bit of paprika sprinkled on the top would have added to it a little bit more.

However having just gotten over a stomach bug I was still trying to wean myself back on to food... and unfortunately some of my scrambled eggs was a bit too runny and snotty for  my sensitive nostrils and tummy. 

Probably not something I would order again due to the associations formed in my mind of this visit and to be honest I'm not that partial to a snotty egg either.

TDS however mopped his up having no issues with snotty eggs.

There are other things I would like to try on the menu so I wouldn't turn my nose up at going again, however at just under £30 for breakfast it wasn't a cheap treat.

Giraffe Restaurant
Greek Street