Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Rib Shakk - Leeds

Please note this establishment has now closed. 

I enjoyed Rib Shakk so much last time I couldn't wait to go back.

It's a great place to go on a Saturday afternoon, as long as Anthony's is not hosting a wedding and thus the whole place closed off... it's tres annoying. 

This time I decided to branch out and not get the standard rack of ribs. Instead I decided upon a Rib Burger. 

We were informed on this occasion that they had run out of piri piri sauce, a little disappointed I decided to go for the San Diego Style sauce. The rib burgers are basically just the meat pulled off of the bone and then placed in a burger bun, perfect if you don't like getting too messy (there is still a bit of mess to be had as it's quite hard to keep rib meat in a bun).

Once again the chips were great, tons of salt and cooked just right. The burger was moist and messy plenty of napkins on the table will help with this. 

Mayo comes in a cute little cone and below you will also see an action shot of my friend eating their ribs (the same as they had last time). 

I won't go on about the finer details as you can find these on my last post here .