Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Henry's - Leeds

Please note this establishment has now closed. 

Just a short post about Henry's on Greek Street.

I wasn't too familiar with Henry's until I started working in the area, it wasn't somewhere that ever caught my eye or fancy. They do tend to have a lot of offers on and if you're lucky you can grab a pamphlet full of vouchers every so often to get a bottle of house wine for £9.95.

This occasion was drinks after work with the (sex and the city) girls who shall be referred to as Samantha, Charlotte and Carrie (because I have never met anyone who wants to be Miranda).

Carrie and Charlotte arriving first decided to use a voucher to purchase a bottle of house wine using a voucher (see above). Whilst keeping some on ice for the arrival of Samantha. It wasn't the best wine... actually by stating that I think it is giving said wine some sort of compliment. It was awful. But it was cheap and glass by glass cheap wine tastes nicer...

With Samantha now delighting our company we decided that drinking on empty stomachs probably wasn't going to to help us the next morning so we decided to order some food. Something to nibble on would be far more sociable than trying to devour a three course meal.

So glancing at the menu we decided to order a Meat Mezze Platter, and two portions of chips thinking this would be more than enough for three young women.

The mezze was slightly smaller than we were expecting...

One piece of ham to share between three people?!

Although the portion size was small (at £9.95 too) the items on the board were actually really nice... or they were after one glass of wine and starting on the second anyway..

The chicken strips were crispy and well battered, the pulled pork although minuscule in size was well marinated and tender not chewy. The chorizo was good and not plastic like or too fatty. A nice surprise was the fruit which came with the board, as you can see (just) there was water melon, grapes and just out of shot strips of apple and pear too. The bread was definitely needed to try and fill our bellies a little!

The chips went down a treat although just one tiny pot of mayo was definitely not enough for two bowls of chips and it took us what felt like an age to get another pot.

Value for money? I'm not too sure, but the quality was definitely there, a slight surprise if I am honest.