Sunday, 10 February 2013

Riverside Cafe - Knaresborough

Alongside the river banks in Knaresborough there are numerous cafes, pubs and small eateries. On this day I was in a rather indecisive mood, and as usually follows I ended up thoroughly fed up of looking for a place to eat and not finding somewhere that immediately grabbed me... and what follows that is me choosing the nearest place and this place more often that not turns out to be a total let down...

This is where Riverside Cafe comes in to my day out in Knaresborough.

I was starving, the weather was roasting (it has taken some time to publish this post) and there were seats outside. We sat down. I looked at the menu, it was a typical tourist cafe. Chips, beans, sausages, cakes and ice creams.

Due to the heat neither me and my company for the day were looking a big meal but rather a small snack.

I decided upon a sausage sandwich and my company... sausage and beans, we ordered a bowl of chips to share. We bought a can of pop each, myself choosing Sunkist because I hadn't seen a can of this or drank this for a very long time. I was guess I was feeling a little nostalgic on this day.

The sausages weren't exactly the best quality and as you can see they weren't cooked very evenly either...

The chips were large and chunky just like your typical greasy spoon.

When my sausage butty turned up in two slices of bread I was a little surprised and thought perhaps I had been transported back to Grandma's house... The bread wasn't too thick I'm thinking this was the cheapest bread they could find... Tesco Value 44p loaf springs to mind (price not accurate).

There was a lovely view from the cafe if you looked out towards the river. If you looked to one side of the cafe next to all the outdoor tables was a public toilet...

It took quite a while for the food to come out so I guess that was a good thing in hindsight as it means it was cooked to order and not just sat around and microwaved.

If greasy spoons and views are you thing this is definitely the place for you!