Monday, 4 February 2013

McNic Fisheries - Shipley

I've found one albeit it expensive chippy in the area which I like, the portions aren't huge either so I'm not settled on that one.

I decided to try McNic Fisheries in Shipley town centre, it was a toss up between this one and the one next door... I'm not sure why I decided to chose this one over the other, maybe because it looked less like a fish restaurant for old people.

It's quite big inside and there was only a couple of other people in there. They advertise that they can keep their prices low because it's self cleaning... i.e. you need to clean up after yourself. Some of the staff looked pretty bored... I'm sure it wouldn't cost them to much to keep them occupied.

Anyway... it doesn't bother me to clean up after myself I need stop being a ......

I ordered a chip butty, fish and a can of dandelion and burdock.

There was far too much food for me... eyes bigger than my belly! I had to pay for tomato sauce and it wasn't cheap at 50p a squirter. The fish was lightly battered in places but a bit too thick and greasy in the middle.

I think I preferred the expensive smaller portioned fish and chips 20 minutes down the road.

McNic Fisheries
67 Otley Road
BD18 2BJ