Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Rustique Restaurant - York

I LOVE visiting York, and should really visit more now that one of my close friends lives there...I was in York visiting said friend (who shall be known for the remainder of this post as 'Super-Model-Sexy i.e SMS) for shopping and lunch.

We both love eating out and shopping which is a fabulous combination, wanting to try somewhere different and somewhere that has been on my radar for a good while (since the disappointment of Blue Bicycle actually) we looked up Rustique on the good old iPhone.

It was a cold Sunday afternoon and we were looking for some wonderfully warming food that wouldn't disappoint. We spotted on Rustique's website that they had a set menu which was relatively cheap so headed in that direction.

Most of the buildings in York are fascinating to look at and the building that houses Rustique fits nicely in.

As we walked in we remarked how busy it was and we were asked if we had a reservation... unfortunately not.. but luckily for us there was one table free. This was incredibly lucky as throughout the meal we saw many many people who didn't have reservations being turned away.

Inside there isn't an over the top theme and it's doesn't look Michelin Star clean and minimal, it's homely and warming - just like it's food. (If you ignore the naked woman painted near the staircase)

The set menu has a good variety of choices from the a la carte menu and SMS and I noted that it comprised most things we would have chosen from the a la carte menu too. The set menu is either two courses for £12.95 or three courses for £14.95 but there is no pressure to decide if you want dessert from the onset.

We both ordered a cheeky mid afternoon (large) glass of white pinot whilst we mulled over the menu. It took us a while to decide on starters and mains because there was so much we wanted to try, our mouths watering over the descriptions.

Eventually we both decided on Basque Egg...

As you can see from the picture Basque Egg is pan fried Toulouse sausage, chorizo, new potatoes and peas cooked with smoked paprika (over zealous with the sprinkling!) and finished with a baked egg. It was AMAZING, I could have eaten a main size version of this or perhaps just another dish of it! The sausage was good quality too which ALWAYS makes or breaks the dish and it was just done to perfection.

For mains SMS ordered Confit de Canard ...

 SMS fed me a large forkful and the duck simply melted in my mouth. The red wine and red currant jus was a perfect bridge between the duck and dauphinoise potatoes.

I ordered the Poulet Facon Bretonne...

This is chicken breast cooked in Britanny style with mushrooms, leeks, onions, white wine, cream and tarragon served again with dauphinoise potatoes. The creaminess and the potatoes made this extremely filling and despite my best efforts I couldn't finish it. The dauphinoise potatoes were expertly done and the sauce was textured and luscious.

Despite already feeling exceedingly full we decided to take a tiny rest and then take on dessert. We both went for very traditional French desserts

Creme Brulee and Pot au Chocolate...

Both skilfully done and just the right size after such a filling lunch we did polish off the lot!

It's fair to say that shopping after this feast was a difficult feat. A cup of tea and coffee were needed at the end of the day to stop me falling asleep on my feet!

An absolutely wonderful place to eat out whether for lunch or evening meal. It looked to be family friendly too, a great place to go for Sunday lunch with the parents.

I will definitely be returning as there is so much more I want to try! There are a couple more restaurants in in Halifax and Richmond, I certainly hope they are as good as the York branch!


Rustique Restaurant
28 Castlegate

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