Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Ikea - Leeds

Okay so this may be sinking to a new level for the blog.. however I had never tried Ikea meatballs and I had been repeatedly told that you can't go to Ikea and not have meatballs or at least a 60p hot-dog.

So after my nephew (9 years) told me over and over again how AMAZING he thought they were, and I was taking a trip with him and my brother I thought 'okay I'll give them a try'.

Is there anyone else out there who hasn't had these meatballs or am I just about to tell everybody something that they already know?

The range of meals in the Ikea 'restaurant' aren't great and varied, I think there were perhaps four or three options? Meatballs, fish and chips, a vegetarian dish and something other... The meals come in three sizes, small medium and large.

My nephew ordered small and my brother and I ordered medium... all ordering the same thing: Meatballs peas and chips. You get a gravy with them too which tastes a little like peppercorn sauce mixed with gravy? Sounds horrid but was actually quite nice.

Note the slight garnish on the meatballs to add to the overall appearance and presentation.

The chips and peas were okay, they reminded me ever so slightly of school dinners.. The meatballs I am glad to say are actually really good. There were far too many meatballs for me I could have eaten a small portion, they are smallish meatballs but all that meat is very filling.

My nephew ate all of his meatballs and berated me for not eating all of mine. So I berated him for not eating all his peas...

The drinks are refillable and incredibly cheap, however you wont find Coke or Pepsi soft drinks here. The fizzy drinks taste more like supermarket own brand drinks and I only had one glass despite it being refillable.

The food is incredibly cheap and I can see why families bring their kids here, the kids enjoy the food and there is tons of it for the money you are paying.

I'd definitely go back for meatballs again the next time I go to Ikea and it's not too heaving I want to pull my hair out.

I have since trying the meatballs also had a 60p hot-dog, which again was pretty good!

Well done Ikea.

Holden Ing Way
WF17 9AE