Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Distrikt Leeds

I've wanted to go to Distrikt for some time, plans have been made many times and each time those plans have fallen through. So I was delighted when a friend suggested we go. This said friend also noted that it wasn't a great place to go on a Friday/Saturday night for food as it turns in to a bar each night... however they still decided to book a table for Friday night... keep reading to see why this is an error.

Distrikt can be easily missed as it lies just off Boar Lane on Duncan Street and is located in a basement under the parade of shops/hairdressers/failed-fake-subway-like-eatery. It's hard to believe that Distrikt will be celebrating it's fourth birthday this year as it doesn't feel like it's been there two minutes (or two years).

The cuisine is described as Mediterranean and Middle Eastern tapas, sounded good to me as I love Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food and above all tapas.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Rustique Restaurant - York

I LOVE visiting York, and should really visit more now that one of my close friends lives there...I was in York visiting said friend (who shall be known for the remainder of this post as 'Super-Model-Sexy i.e SMS) for shopping and lunch.

We both love eating out and shopping which is a fabulous combination, wanting to try somewhere different and somewhere that has been on my radar for a good while (since the disappointment of Blue Bicycle actually) we looked up Rustique on the good old iPhone.

It was a cold Sunday afternoon and we were looking for some wonderfully warming food that wouldn't disappoint. We spotted on Rustique's website that they had a set menu which was relatively cheap so headed in that direction.

Friday, 15 February 2013

The Boathouse Inn - Saltaire - Revisited

I've been back to the Boathouse Inn a couple of times since my last blog post so I thought it might be a good idea to share the other options they have.

For the non-drinkers or those who don't fancy an alcoholic drink there are a few more options than your regular pub. Ginger beer being the pick of the day on this occasion.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Riverside Cafe - Knaresborough

Alongside the river banks in Knaresborough there are numerous cafes, pubs and small eateries. On this day I was in a rather indecisive mood, and as usually follows I ended up thoroughly fed up of looking for a place to eat and not finding somewhere that immediately grabbed me... and what follows that is me choosing the nearest place and this place more often that not turns out to be a total let down...

This is where Riverside Cafe comes in to my day out in Knaresborough.

I was starving, the weather was roasting (it has taken some time to publish this post) and there were seats outside. We sat down. I looked at the menu, it was a typical tourist cafe. Chips, beans, sausages, cakes and ice creams.

Due to the heat neither me and my company for the day were looking a big meal but rather a small snack.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Ikea - Leeds

Okay so this may be sinking to a new level for the blog.. however I had never tried Ikea meatballs and I had been repeatedly told that you can't go to Ikea and not have meatballs or at least a 60p hot-dog.

So after my nephew (9 years) told me over and over again how AMAZING he thought they were, and I was taking a trip with him and my brother I thought 'okay I'll give them a try'.

Is there anyone else out there who hasn't had these meatballs or am I just about to tell everybody something that they already know?

The range of meals in the Ikea 'restaurant' aren't great and varied, I think there were perhaps four or three options? Meatballs, fish and chips, a vegetarian dish and something other... The meals come in three sizes, small medium and large.

Monday, 4 February 2013

McNic Fisheries - Shipley

I've found one albeit it expensive chippy in the area which I like, the portions aren't huge either so I'm not settled on that one.

I decided to try McNic Fisheries in Shipley town centre, it was a toss up between this one and the one next door... I'm not sure why I decided to chose this one over the other, maybe because it looked less like a fish restaurant for old people.

It's quite big inside and there was only a couple of other people in there. They advertise that they can keep their prices low because it's self cleaning... i.e. you need to clean up after yourself. Some of the staff looked pretty bored... I'm sure it wouldn't cost them to much to keep them occupied.

Anyway... it doesn't bother me to clean up after myself I need stop being a ......

The Victoria Tearooms - Saltaire

I seem to be making my way around a lot of tearooms lately and I am definitely not complaining. There are a lot of them about at the moment, they seem to be the 'in thing' and this makes me a little sad because I love them so much and as with all things that are in one day/week/month/year they will be out the next.

I hope they aren't just a fad and that they are here to stay.

I've had a few suggestions as to why tearooms are surging in popularity and are in vogue at present. Firstly we seem to be regressing in time, during the early 1900s Tearooms became popular as an alternative to drinking and seen to be as a popular place for women. With the expulsion of smoking inside and drinking being highly publicised as being bad for you we seem to be looking for alternatives once more and have turned once again to tearooms. Have a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake and have a natter.