Saturday, 21 July 2012

Websters Fish and Chip Shop - Saltaire

A first for the blog... a review on fish and chips. I'm not sure why I haven't reviewed fish and chips before. I do like to eat them, not as frequently as I would like but that is probably a good thing, I think the last time I had fish and chips was either in Scarborough or Leeds Markets.

I love the Fish and Chip debate, it gets everyone involved as almost everyone likes to go to the chippy even it's for a battered sauasage instead. Many of us are on the constant look out for the BEST fish and chips on the planet (in the UK). But most will have their favourite chippy they will go to time and time again.

From previous conversations I have found that most people have a shared view on what the perfect fish and chips should be like. Nice crisp batter, not too soggy containing an inch of fat underneath a supposedly crispy batter. Plus chips that don't look anemic. I like my chips to be cooked god damn it! I like my fish to be fresh too, you can tell if it's poor quality and been in a freezer for months. I'm not sure if this is just me but I also don't like the skin on my fish but I can get over this, what I really hate is when it hasn't been boned...

I am currently on the hunt for the best fish and chips in my local area (as well as a chinese if any one can suggest one!?) and this was my first taster.

Websters has three fish and chip shops in the area: Idle, Baildon and Saltaire. The two in Baildon and Saltaire are takeaway only but the one in Idle has a restaurant if you prefer to sit in and eat your fish and chips. We went to the one closest to us in Saltaire, ordered food wrapped up to take away.

I both went for fish and chips and a can of Ben Shaws pop, mine a Dandelion and Burdock. I got scraps on my fish and chips too (or bits as I hear they call them elsewhere...) I layered on the salt and vinegar before they could wrap them up. I think there was a deal on as what I ordered as it came to a neat fiver.

I found some grass, as it was pretty pleasant outside, settled down and opened up my fish and chips.

I have had so many disappointing fish and chips over the years it actually makes me feel a little anxious whenever I come to try a new set. The build up and treat of having fish and chips is so great that if the fish and chips aren't great it is a massive let down.

The chips looked cooked, there were even some crispy ones in there... it was starting off well. The fish was very small but I never manage to eat a huge fish that flops off either side of your tray (if you have a tray). The batter I am pleased to say was just right! There was no thick fatty batter which drenched the fish, it was perfectly crispy and clung to the fish in all the right places.

They were very good fish and chips, however I noted how expensive they were £5 each... is this the normal rate for fish and chips these days? I honestly can't remember what I have paid for them lately but I do remember when fish and chips used to cost £2.50 and our family Thursday night treat used to come to about £7-8. It would seem they are no longer the paupers meal. I think someone with a bigger appetite would like more fish for their money too, although I was happy as it was just the right size for me.

I would happily return but it would have to be a nice day again (until I buy a car and get lazy). I wonder if the other chip shops meet the same standards as the one in Saltaire? I'd also like to think they are consistent in their quality too, all too often fish and chip shops can differ depending on the day you go... I shall not name names...

Have you had any good fish and chips lately?

Websters Fish and Chip Shop
62 Bingley Road
BD18 4SD

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