Friday, 20 July 2012

Five Rise Locks Cafe - Bingley

The five risk locks are Bingley's most visited attraction.The Five rise locks cafe is surprisingly located on the canal at the top of the five rise locks in Bingley.

As you can see from the above picture it was one of those days where it was sunny one minute and pouring it down the next. Blue sky in the corner and big black clouds coming in from the distance.

On the right hand side you can just about see the Five Rise Locks Cafe.

It was mid afternoon and I was feeling a bit peckish, my friend and I were also planning on walking home so we needed to get something in us to spur us on and keep us going for that one hour walk home.

There was a family sat outside and an older couple but no one but the staff inside when first walked in. The menu is that of an average cafe with breakfasts, hot and cold sandwichs, jacket potatoes salads, crisps and cakes.

We ordered at the till were given our drinks and told they would bring our food over to us when ready. I went for a cup of tea resting assured that it was Yorkshire Tea. My friend ordered a coffee.

We did try to sit outside but a wind was starting to pick up so we headed inside, it was a little stuffy inside but it was better than playing catch the napkin outside.

I ordered a sausage sandwich on brown, then doused it with tomato ketchup.

 To be honest they weren't the best quality sausages and they tasted as if they had been quickly cooked that morning and then left to rest on a hot plate and get wrinkly in the afternoon. I ate it anyway because I was starving. I did like the slightly toasted bread cake (bun/bap/cob whatever!).

My friend ordered a jacket potato with just butter as a filling.

Mmmmm appetising, it looks slightly microwaved if you ask me. They ate it all bar the skin (this is normal for my friend as they seems to have aversions to skins and crusts...) I don't think the coleslaw was home made but the salad seemed fresh.

The staff really didn't seem to care about being there, I expect this is just their Saturday job. We felt a little uncomfortable when they obviously wanted to close and started cleaning the doors and windows around us.. it wasn't even close to a round-a-bout hour so I think they were trying to get off early.

There were fresh flowers which was nice...

It kind of felt dated, and like one of those places that is just open for the sake of being open. It's at the top of a tourist attraction so it doesn't need to try too hard as it will get the footfall. Which is a shame because the building and the views are really nice. A really nice place to eat here would bring more people to the area, and hopefully tempt them to visit the locks more than once. A run of the mill tourist attraction cafe I'm sad to say.

Bingley five rise locks are a great sight I would recommend you go see them but perhaps take a picnic with you rather than spending a tenner on lunch here like we did.

Here are some nice pictures instead...

Boat for sale.

Duck less than impressed with me taking pictures of her and her babies.

Great view from the top of the locks.

Five Rise Locks Cafe
Bingley Five Rise Locks
Leeds - Liverpool Canal
Beck Lane
BD16 4DS

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