Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Angel - Baildon

One Sunday I decided it would be quite nice to walk in to Baildon town centre in the attempt to get to know the local area better. It was one of the more pleasant Sundays where it was mostly sun instead of rain.

I had a quick look on google maps before we set off to see if there were any places we could have lunch and The Angel pub came up and had positive reviews although I didn't take care to read them...

The walk turned out to be a bit of a mission, it was up hill. Up very steep hills. Unfortunately this was not something google maps informed me of.

Once in the town centre I milled around looking at the local monuments and the local stocks. With hardly anything open I headed to The Angel.

I walked in and everyone glanced my way.... Everyone in there was about the same age or younger than me so I'd say about 18-25. Sport was on all of the TV screens, but I noted they were child friendly as a couple of girls had a baby with them.

I sat down and looked at the sticky menus already on the table. It was your standard cheap chain pub food but with added Indian inspired foods on there too. This was a talking point for me and my friend as we have noticed that when in a chain in Scotland they always amend the menus to serve more traditional Scottish food like haggis neeps and tatties. With me now living in the Bradford Metropolitan District we have started to notice chains and other eating establishments serve traditional English food along side Indian or Indian inspired food. Or maybe my senses are just heightened now I live in the curry capital of the UK.

Anyway back to The Angel. I should perhaps mention that the chain this pub belongs to is the 'John Barras pub company'. We pondered over the menu a while wondering whether to get a meal each on the deal or to just get light bites. My friend in the end decided they just wanted carbs and got a big plate of chips and onion rings with a coke.

I decided to try out 'The Indian' burger and got a pint of cider to accompany it.

You can see both of our meals below...

There's my friend's food in the background, chips and onion rings so elegantly displayed, with their coke contained within a John Smiths glass.

Up front is my Indian Burger. Inside the Indian burger was two battered chicken pieces a samosa (yes a samosa!) AND an onion baji. I am sorry to say that I didn't attempt to eat my Indian burger with all the chicken, samosa and onion baji all wrapped up in it's naan. I picked out the samosa and the baji and then ate the chicken in the naan.

It was pure 'stodge' ideal for the hungover. None of it particularly offended me, the samosa and baji were actually quite nice even if a little odd to be wrapped up with chicken in a naan bread. I was expecting some spice on the chicken or in the burger and it was different having chips to dip in my mango chutney.

A cheap no thrills (but some surprises) pub with chain pub food, carbalicious!

The total meal came to about £15.


The Angel
9 Northgate
BD17 6LX

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