Saturday, 30 June 2012

Jeanette's Cakery - Saltaire

It was an absolutely miserable day in Saltaire, my friend and I had gone down to the fresh local produce market to find hardly anyone there. I don't know if we were just too late or it was too damp and everyone had just decided to stay at home instead.

After feeling very miserable and slightly frustrated at another wasted June Saturday it was decided the only way forward was cake and tea. We made our way up to Bingley Road to see what we could find. I'd peered in to a cute tearoom a couple of weeks previous telling my friend that I would like to go there at some point. Now felt like the perfect time to go.

There were a few people in there already but there were still a good choice of tables to spare. As soon as we walked in we were greeted with bright smiles and warm welcomes and directed towards the high backed chairs. We were thrilled!

Once we ordered we sat and admired our surroundings. The place is covered in bunting and paper chains, decorated to the tastes of Cath Kidston, with cute little features dotted here there and everywhere.

Cute cloth napkins and mismatch cutlery. 

Flowers in hand decorated jam jars. 

On the menu there are choices of light snacks, sandwiches and your standard tearoom cream teas and afternoon teas. My friend just wanted a coffee but I couldn't resist ordering an afternoon tea.

My friend's coffee was supplied by Casa Espresso, they ordered a latte with an extra shot. They thought it was really smooth and loves that there is somewhere so local they can get a cup.... or three.

Above is my tea tray with mismatched crockery. This teapot although looks small was deceptive and provided me with several cups of lovely tea. Just what I needed.

Afternoon tea consists of sandwiches of which you have a few to chose from (I chose egg mayonnaise and rocket), a scone and either a piece of fruit cake and cheese or for 50p extra you can have a cupcake. I chose the cupcake option having seen them in the glass cabinet as entered I couldn't resist trying one. (Obviously there is a pot of tea included in the afternoon tea too.)

The egg mayo sandwiches were really nice! My friend was pulling a face at me refusing to try a bite having had too many as a child. The rocket added a more grown up element to the sandwich making it the best egg mayo sandwich I have ever had.

The scones although very round looking were delightful, they were soft, fresh and slightly springy in the middle. Perfect. The cupcake was a dream, the frosting on the top tasted just like chocolate cake mix before it goes in the oven, my friend agreed that it was some great blooming frosting (not their actual words..).

I felt very full afterwards but also very content. We sat for a while supping our teas and coffees watching the miserable weather outside. The girls in the cakery are lovely and cheery, dressed in cute kitsch outfits they never stop working either! Their customers are varied from young women with babies, to families, to older ladies and your ladies who lunch.

A true delight we will return time and time again.

Jeanette's Bakery
58-60 Bingley Road
BD18 4SD

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