Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Boathouse Inn - Saltaire

In the run up to moving to this side of the country I'd been reading a lot of reviews and walking a lot of the streets on google maps trying to find nice places to visit and eat out. After my disappointing meal at Don't Tell Titus I was determined to find somewhere better. I decided to look at the Boathouse again after being put off by the on mass people drinking outside. I had read one dissatisfied person's review of the Boathouse and went on to read more and more of their reviews of the local eateries and was starting to wonder if there were actually any nice places to eat where we had just moved to!

This left me feeling rather down and slightly disbelieving that there couldn't be anywhere nice to eat in the area. My friend tried to cheer me up by saying it was just one person's opinion and that mine will most likely not be the same.

We walked in and the place seemed relatively busy as to be expected on a Saturday afternoon. We hap-hazarded a guess as to where the dining room was and headed in that direction. We were left standing a while unsure whether we were to seat ourselves or to wait for attendance. A waitress looked as if she was coming to us but then diverted to the right to pick up a tray of desserts. As we started to head for a table the same waitress came back and hurriedly rushed us in to a booth.

F went to the bar to order us some drinks whilst we pondered over what to order. We only wanted light bites as we would be eating out later that night. F came back with a pint of the local ale, Saltaire Brewery's Blonde ale. Before the food even arrived he had polished off one glass and was headed to the bar for another!

D ordered the chicken liver and mushroom pate which came with chutney and a chunk of bread.

F ordered a pork pie and the oysters which were a starter on the restaurant menu.

T ordered chips and garlic mayo and pork scratchings. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the chips.

I ordered the sausage 'sarnie' without the fried onions.

There were some adoring noises coming from D and F's side of the table. D said that her pate was truly divine and F agreed as he sampled a bite. F couldn't believe how big his pork pie was and thought that he would only get at least half of one that size, to which D kept saying to him 'Your in Yorkshire now F!' (F is from Scotland and D from Manchester-ish). F loved his oysters and not with too much effort asked us if we wanted to try them, he didn't push it. He struggled to finish his pork pie (so he said) and at the end announced that it had been a long time since he had enjoyed food that much whilst out and about.

T's chips, as everyone commented, were more like roast potatoes than chips. They were huge chunks of potato! He really enjoyed them though and polished off the plate, he then proceeded to nibble at the pork scratchings which we double checked with the waitress and they are home made. F also proceeded to help T finish them off.

My sausage sarnie was probably the best looking one I have ever had. It was made with good quality sausages and the bread was nice and fresh, I really enjoyed it.

I was happy, my potential in laws were happy and we had finally found somewhere nice to eat. My spirits elated and faith restored in my local area we set off to show them around Salt's Mill.

So I guess a lesson must be learnt in reading other people's reviews of places. One person's heaven is another hell and vice versa. I already know that no matter how good your restaurant/bar/cafe etc is you are always going to get one disappointed person. What I also need to take away from this is that although one person may like another place I do too it doesn't necessarily mean we will have the same judgement elsewhere.

So please don't take my own blog posts as gospel go out there and try places for yourself! But most of all let me know your experiences! I love to share and this is why I started this blog... one year ago!

Really nice food, a few families in the restaurant on a weekend so is a little noisy! The waitress could have been a little more attentive to our needs but she was a little rushed off her feet! We will definitely be returning, and hope to same the full three course restaurant menu next time we do! The bill minus drinks came to £23! What a bargain!

D & F couldn't believe how cheap things were in Yorkshire, without lacking in quality. Which makes me a Yorkshire girl born and bred... absolutely beam! I love that they love Yorkshire as much as I do. Well maybe not F... but he is a Scot after all.

The Boathouse Inn
Victoria Road
BD18 3LA

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