Thursday, 3 May 2012

Interlude Cafe - Shipley

It's actually taken me a couple of months to finish writing this post. For no reason other than I left it too long after we first visited the cafe and then I had other posts to write and this one was sort of just put on a back burner.

Please don't let the above comment influence your opinion on this place as it is an absolutely lovely place to visit!

It was my first trip to Shipley (in search of somewhere to live) and I wanted to explore the area a little and find somewhere nice to have lunch. I did some quick distracted googling whilst I was getting ready that morning and saw something about a place called 'Interlude Cafe' which served cream tea... in the mood for cream tea I popped the postcode in my phone ready to find around lunch time.

So about 12pm we were starting to feel a little peckish, I pulled out my phone and asked it to direct me to the correct place.

We were stood on the street it told us to and according to my phone I was right in front of it... but where was it??

That's when I noticed this building across the street....

I pointed it out to my friend and they said "Surely not, it looks like a shop... is it even open?" So we crossed the road to find out. Peering through the window I could see a counter with cake and a couple of chairs in the dark corner. We tried the door to see if it was open as we might as well had explore it anyway even if we didn't end up eating here.

When we first walked in it looked more like a bakery than a tea room. We were greeted almost immediately by a very lively lady dressed as if she had come straight out of the 1920s. We told her we were looking to have a spot of lunch and she told us to follow her...

We led towards the back of the shop, down a little flight of stairs, past what looked like a small bar...

And then at the very end it opened out in to a larger lighter room which took us by total surprise!

There was only one other table occupied as we sat down, trying to take in our bountiful surroundings. We were handed menus and told the specials, we also advised on the way the service works... Once we were ready to order all we needed to do was ring the little bell on our table. Once we had ordered if we needed anything else, again all we needed to do was give the bell a little ring.

Once we had rung the little bell and ordered we started to begin taking in our surroundings. There's something to keep everyone occupied on your tables with little trinkets and books.

Next to where we sat was a slow cooker bubbling away the soup of the day.

We ordered tea for two (which when we tried to order another pot full she just came along with hot water and some extra tea bags and didn't charge us).

I ordered the afternoon cream tea which came on a two tiered cake stand. My finger sandwich's at the bottom and my scone and choccy on the top. I thought this was a very cute little idea to serve afternoon cream tea. I had egg mayonnaise and ham fingers, which were nice although not on the finest of bread. The scone was lovely and the chocolate finished me off just nicely.

My friend ordered a chicken bacon and cheese wrap, although they expects there was tuna in there which they swear they didn't see on the menu as they said it tasted a bit fishy. They finished it never the less.

The bill came to about £17 for the two of us (not the cheapest - my friend's wrap cost £7.50!). The food wasn't amazing, it resembles something you can make yourself in a hurry at home but I don't know whether that's just because of the choices we made this day. The atmosphere is great, and after we arrived the place really filled up and they ended up having to turn people away!

The service is top notch, and all the ladies working there that day were lovely and absolute treasure to talk to.

We will probably pop in again when we move to Shipley, this time maybe for a slice of cake and tea (as I will be very poor for the next few months with buying sofas etc) .

On the way out I had to take a picture of the crockery... they have old country rose which my mum used to have lots of when I was younger, now she just has a few choice pieces that have lasted the years of children and house moving.

Upstairs above the cafe is a vintage clothes shop (and the toilet).

Lynne's Vintage Boutique.

Some lovely things is vintage is your thing, unfortunately I didn't buy anything on this occasion but I might have to sneak back at some point to see if there is anything I can buy for my new place.

Interlude Cafe also host special events such as Christmas Cream Tea and the local vintage fairs in Saltaire.

Take out is also available if you haven't got too long to spare. Their tearoom and take out menus are both viewable on their website.

Interlude Cafe
27 Westgate
BD18 3QX

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