Saturday, 26 May 2012

iCandy - Leeds

Please note this establishment is now closed. 

Don't let the name of this place put you off, with a lot of new businesses and enterprises jumping on the apple bandwagon and coming up with witty (or less so) coins and play on words by sticking a little 'i' in front of words. I diverge...

The pink sparkliness of this place screams at you, and it does I'll be honest, look like a place for teenage girls. Looking beyond this I peered in at the menu a few months a go and noticed that they do a wide range of hot drinks and desserts.

This place appealed to me at the time because we had just recently visited a number of restaurants and after finishing our main meals found ourselves wanting a sweet treat. However when presented with a dessert menu we were less than impressed or tempted. I found myself wishing that there was a place in Leeds that I could just go for dessert when a restaurant had let me down on that side.

And then... up one popped!

This wasn't actually our reason for visiting on this occasion. We had just been to OverWorlds and UnderWorlds in the dark arches, and had walked up Briggate to see the shipwreck. I was freezing which is laughable considering the heat of this weekend and wanted to go warm up somewhere.

I was surprised when we got to the top of Briggate to see light coming out of iCandy's window. So we decided to pop in. My friend had spotted the flat screen on the wall as soon as we walked in and begged the lady serving that night to turn it to the football, if even for just a minute so he could find out the footy score. She was very happy to do so and said that she would leave it on for him.

As well as the large range of desserts and drinks, there is also a huge array of ice cream flavours to choose from.

To warm ourselves we both chose a hot chocolate, I decided upon an orange flavour with my friend going for a double chocolate one.

I wanted something to eat (probably me just being greedy) so I decided to go for a hot dessert. A waffle with Nutella and chopped nuts.

Major chocolate overload. I really struggled to finish my hot chocolate and waffle. They were both so rich and so indulgently chocolatey. The presentation was good and it was nice that even towards closing time effort was still being made. The girl running the place kept a smile on her face the whole time and was very friendly despite her wanting to get off for the night we didn't feel pressured to leave.

The prices were okay, you're paying what you would if you were in a restaurant ordering a hot drink or dessert. My drink and dessert came to just under £6.

Something different for the city centre and well worth a visit if you just fancy something sweet.

Upper Briggate
Leeds City Centre