Saturday, 3 March 2012

Manchester Arndale Food Market

I feel that Leeds City Council should take a leaf out of Manchester's book when trying to save our Market. At the back of the Arndale Centre in Manchester is a small market. What started out as a few food stalls to fill the gaps has expanded in to a full blown food hall.

It is awesome! It's great when you fancy something but the other people your with fancy something totally different. They are independent traders that are passionate about their food and love to dish it up to the masses of Manchester.

There is even a tiny pub stall if you fancy a pulled pint!

One of my favourite stalls is Pancho's Burritos. I've visited here a few times now and never been disappointed. They do a great meal deal at the moment, where you can get a burrito, chips (corn) and a Mexican beer for £5.99. The burritos are jam packed full of meat not fluffed out with rice and the flavours are all fresh and mighty. They can be more on the spicy side so if your not good with spice I would recommend a mild, I like spice and a medium is all I can handle.

On this particular day the lady who runs the stall was experimenting with a new recipe so she let my friend try before they bought.

Here is a picture of their half eaten burrito, they gobbled it down so quickly I was surprised I managed to get a picture!

Pancho's don't just do burritos they also sell chilli, tacos, wraps and lots of vegetarian options too. I've noticed that they have become so popular that they have had to open another stall across the other side of the hall!

I decided to have something a little different and went to one of the curry stalls along the side. I ordered a Chicken Jalfrezi with rice. The sauce was really nice however the chicken tasted really cheap and I was a little disappointed.

This cost me £4 with a can of pop. I think if I were to go back I would perhaps get a vegetable curry.

There are so many little stalls here that if your in an indecisive mood it may take you a while to decide what to get! There is a Greek food stall, one of the milkshake places that will make ANYTHING in to a milkshake, places you can get kebabs, pizza, curry, vegetarian food, salads...all manner of things! It's great if you want a quick bite but are wanting to stay away from the masses in the more busier food halls. There isn't a lot of seating so on a Saturday afternoon you may have to loiter a while and check out who looks as if they are about to leave, on our last visit we went on a Saturday and had to wait about 5 minutes for a free table.

Manchester Arndale Centre
Market Street
M4 3AQ