Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Bruschetta - Glasgow

Wandering around Glasgow on a rainy Friday afternoon I was keen to see what restaurants are housed in this city. I've visited Glasgow a few times but until now I have never had time to eat out.

I asked twitter a couple of times if anyone knew of any good places to visit as I had no clue whatsoever! I had one restaurant contact me and advise they had a lunch menu... and that was it. Thanks to those who retweeted for me!

We got in to Glasgow and tried to follow google maps to the restaurant... which was trying to make us walk in circles. I eventually got there at 1.45pm and noticed that the restaurant closed at 2.30pm...

So we wandered around a bit more and finally stumbled across a small Italian place called Bruschetta.

It seemed quite cute from the outside and they had a lunch offer on.

I ordered a pot of tea to warm me up, as it was freezing in Scotland last Friday whilst everyone else back in Leeds was enjoying the sunshine. My friend ordered an Italian coffee.

My friend ordered the meatballs just on there own, you could order them on the lunch menu and enjoy a starter also for around £10 but he decided just to have the meatballs as we were having a large dinner later. My friend said that these were really good and couldn't get enough of them and they were very filling, so much so they were a little worried about dinner in 4 hours time.

I decided to go with the lunch offer that was advertised on the black board outside which was half a pizza and soup for £6.95, that day you could have also have had an open sandwich and soup for the same price. You could have any pizza and a choice of the regular soup or the daily soup. The regular soup is minestrone and the soup of the day was roast veg and butternut squash. I went for the later.

I was surprised by the amount of food that turned up on my plate and the waiter commented on it too, 'you weren't expecting that were you!'. The soup was boiling hot and really comforting on a cold day, really tasty too. The pizza you could tell was made from scratch and used good quality ingredients, none of this plastic like cheese. It really filled me up and I too was a little worried about eating my dinner later!

Overall a great little find with a good selection of food. The lunch menu was an added bonus and I definitely got more food than I bargained for but quality wasn't sacrificed for cheapness! The service was great too, there was just one man in the restaurant who served everyone (although it wasn't that busy). He had a really bubbly friendly attitude which made you feel welcome immediately. We saw him greet people who were obviously regulars too kissing them on each cheek and showing them to their tables, which is always great to see.


6 Royal Exchange Square
Glasgow City Centre
G1 3AB

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