Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Bruschetta - Glasgow

Wandering around Glasgow on a rainy Friday afternoon I was keen to see what restaurants are housed in this city. I've visited Glasgow a few times but until now I have never had time to eat out.

I asked twitter a couple of times if anyone knew of any good places to visit as I had no clue whatsoever! I had one restaurant contact me and advise they had a lunch menu... and that was it. Thanks to those who retweeted for me!

We got in to Glasgow and tried to follow google maps to the restaurant... which was trying to make us walk in circles. I eventually got there at 1.45pm and noticed that the restaurant closed at 2.30pm...

So we wandered around a bit more and finally stumbled across a small Italian place called Bruschetta.

It seemed quite cute from the outside and they had a lunch offer on.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Canton Flavour - Garforth

Canton Flavour is my favourite Chinese takeaway. They know they are good, they are so good that they don't need to deliver, people come flocking to it.

I think that I am becoming a regular as the woman behind the counter is starting to recognise me, maybe... Bless that woman behind the counter too as she is ALWAYS there no matter what time of night you go or what day, AND they now open 7 days a week.

I often get Chinese takeaway on my way home from visiting people and take a detour home from the train station to go pick up some Chinese, or sometimes I'm just feeling lazy and want something tasty to eat without too much effort.

I have gotten myself in to a little rut however and have started ordering the same thing every time I go. I usually order chicken chow mein, egg fried rice, chips and separate pot of curry sauce. My mouth is watering just typing that.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Casa Mia - Millenium Square Leeds

Please note this establishment in Millenium Square is now closed - you can however still find them in Chapel Allerton

I've only visited Casa Mia once before and it was the one in Chapel Allerton, I was quite 'tipsy' at the time so it wouldn't be fair for me to compare the two.

The Millenium Square restaurant is in a much more favourable location for us due to where I am living at the moment. My friend has never been to Casa Mia, and I remembered that although a little tiny bit drunk last time I rather enjoyed it.

So this is where I decided to go on date night last Saturday.

Monday, 5 March 2012

The River Plate - Leeds

Please note this establishment has now closed. 

Last Thursday it felt like spring had sprung, walking out of work I really didn't fancy going straight home from work and slaving over a hot stove, so I suggested to a friend that we go out and eat as a mid week treat.

We had a look at some of the restaurants that feature on Pink Gorilla, we did want to go to Distrikt but food is only served until 7pm and we didn't think we would be able to relax knowing there was a time constraint. So instead we decided to opt for The River Plate. With the Pink Gorilla deal you get two for one on main courses Monday to Thursday.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Manchester Arndale Food Market

I feel that Leeds City Council should take a leaf out of Manchester's book when trying to save our Market. At the back of the Arndale Centre in Manchester is a small market. What started out as a few food stalls to fill the gaps has expanded in to a full blown food hall.

It is awesome! It's great when you fancy something but the other people your with fancy something totally different. They are independent traders that are passionate about their food and love to dish it up to the masses of Manchester.

There is even a tiny pub stall if you fancy a pulled pint!