Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Review: The Lord Gascoinge (Hungry Horse) Garforth, Leeds

Another post from an eatery based in Garforth....

The Lord Gascoinge is a pub in Garforth, that has undergone many refurbs, new looks and owners, all in the attempt to 'refresh' and 'revamp' it (make it less rough around the edges...). This time they have gone for a more family friendly theme. The Gascoinge, as it was previously known, has this time been taken over by the chain 'Hungry Horse'. The food is cheap and it's very family orientated. They have a deal on every day of the week. This time I visited on a Thursday just to get out of the house... and avoid cooking.  On Thursdays the deal is that you buy a main from the 'big plate' menu and you get either a free dessert or a free starter.

On busier days there is sometimes someone stood near the door to take people to their tables but during the week you just plonk yourself down at any table you want. The booth tables are the most popular as they have TVs built in to them, you often see people watching X-Factor and the like on them during a weekend.

I've been to the Gascoinge for food before and thought it awful, but then someone I know had their Christmas Party here in December and said they quite liked it and I should give it another go. I've glanced over the menus when I've been here on the odd occasion to drink and so knew it is pretty much just a menu full of high cholesterol bearing eats.

You place your order at the bar so you need to make a note of the table you are sat at. What I do like about the gascoinge is that they serve Koppaberg Mixed Fruits which I love, this time they served it to me in a Guinness glass...

We decided to share the free starter my friend had ordered (I had not fancied anything off of the 'Big Plate' menu). They chose a stack of 20 onion rings... despite me saying I would not be able to eat 10 onions rings. Turns out I couldn't manage 4 or 5, they were horrible! I couldn't taste the onion in them, they were more like batter rings....

For main I ordered 'The Pizza Burger'.

This was so big I couldn't actually fit it in my mouth... I won't post the picture of me trying. I cut it in half and removed the onion rings and tackled it that way. After one bite I decided to remove all of the 'pepperoni'... I have no idea what this was made from but it was just vile. So my burger once some of the parts were removed it just consisted of bun, burger, lettuce, pizza sauce, peppers and cheese.

I couldn't finish the whole burger, partly because it was so gristly. I didn't even touch my coleslaw... the chips were OK but I could have never have eaten this whole plate of food to myself.

My friend ordered a steak from the big plate menu. It came with peppercorn sauce which looked like it had been stood around for at least 30 minutes as it had started to solidify. The steak had a lot of fat on it and it wasn't medium-rare more like well done... You could see where they had cut in to it to check how well done it was also....

We didn't bother to order dessert.

The place is VERY family friendly and has a large play area outside. The service isn't great, I couldn't tell what our teenage waiter was saying to me, I kept having to ask him to repeat himself and looked like he really didn't want to be there.

Our cutlery arrived in a bucket... which was snatched away from us to another table part way through the meal... mmm hygienic.

It is very cheap and I guess sometimes you get what you pay for.