Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Midnight Bell - Leeds

I work literally about 5 minutes away from The Midnight Bell and I have never visited... In my defence I only get a half an hour lunch each day so it limits me in what I can do. I have heard so much about the place; it was also recently featured on Jamie's Great Britain, it has been on my to do list for a while. Situated in the newly formed 'Holbeck Urban Village' there are a few eateries around here, you'll find them busiest during the week.

It's about a 10 minute walk from Leeds train station and we got to The Midnight Bell about 12pm. It was a very cold day and it was lovely to step in to the warm cosiness, almost home like feel of the place.

There's nothing special about the actual menus, it's a printed piece of paper clipped to a piece of wood. The things on the menu are a little bit special however.

Once we had ordered lunch (you order and pay at the bar) we continued to look over the menu and the dinner menu already deciding what we were going to have next time. The Fish and Chips was a very popular choice with many people around us ordering it that lunch time. They looked and smelt amazing I will definitely be ordering them when I return. 

I needed perking and warming up a bit so I had ordered a cup of tea and my dining partner (DP) ordered a coke. The tea came with hot water so you could top it up too which was nice.

Whilst we were waiting for the food I couldn't help but admire the decor. It has a very comfortable feel, the mismatched furniture and original features sit in harmony.

Then you have more modern features such as this picture...

Awesome picture would love one for my kitchen, but at £40 for the photo and £60 for it framed it's a little out of my price range at the moment (as I still need to buy everything to put in a kitchen...) I may have to DIY one and venture in to a near by field with my camera...

Another really sweet addition is the little framed fables dotted around. It certainly helps pass the (short) waiting time for your food.

Dp ordered the black pudding and bacon salad (£5.50). They absolutely loved it saying that the saltiness of the black pudding was balanced out with the sweetness of the apple tossed through the salad. Their only criticism is that there wasn't enough, he would have loved to have a had a larger option.

I decided to have the Char-grilled Chicken Fillet Sandwich (£5.95) which comes with chorizo, fountains gold cheese and a side of chips and salad.

My sandwich was jam packed and there was no scrimping on the chorizo either. The bread was really fresh (you have an option of which bread you would like also), there wasn't too much cheese, and the sandwich held it's self together surprising well as I devoured it. It was immensely filling and DP had to help me finish off my chips. The chips were great they still had their skins on and weren't over cooked or under cooked. I love a good chip.

We left feeling extremely satisfied, and ready to battle the cold and Saturday shoppers awaiting us. The bill came to around £15 which we felt was relatively cheap considering the amount of food and the quality of the food we had just eaten.

The staff we're really friendly and welcoming also and attended to our every need, great to see such happy staff.

I should also note that The Midnight Bell is the flagship bar for Leeds Brewery so you can get a great range of beers here. It wasn't something we decided to test out this time as we felt it a little too early for beer.

Definitely a place I will be visiting during summer also as they have a small beer garden at the back, a nice cold glass of wine and some sun would make a lovely afternoon.

101 Water Lane
LS11 5QN

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