Friday, 6 January 2012

Anthony's Patisserie - Leeds

Please note this establishment has now closed. 

Anthony's Patisserie is a part of the ever expanding Anthony's empire across Leeds. Situated in the Victoria Quarter, open air in the middle of the arcade. The Patisserie as the name suggests serves a selection of cakes and pastries, as well as hot drinks and small lunches.

As the Patisserie is in an open space within the arcade there are patio heaters situated by the tables and a glass wall surrounds its boarders so to keep it enclosed from the frantic shoppers beyond. On this occasion we had visited on a cold December day, the arcade generally tends to be a little warmer than outside and this combined with the patio heaters we thought we had nothing to worry about. We were sadly wrong. We were seated on the outside wall of the Patisserie free for cold air to be blown on to us from the ever opening automatic door which leads on to Kirkgate, and far away from any patio heater. I kept my coat on and sat hunched in my seat.

We had decided to pop in to Anthony's in search of a good cup of tea and a cream scone. We ordered two cream teas. Twenty-five shivering minutes later my tea turned up... then 5 minutes later my scone. Not entirely sure what took them so long to make a cup of tea? My scone turned up lovely and warm, almost as if it had just been baked, so I could have excused the wait for my scone. However as it was so cold it would have been nice to have had a cup of tea to cradle whilst I waited. Our attempts to grab the waitresses attention after 15 minutes of waiting were unsuccessful.

My tea was fine, my friend wasn't pleased as it was Twinnings breakfast tea. I myself have no issues with Twinnings and are happy to drink their tea. My only qualm was that one tea pot only filled about one and a half cups, it would have been nice to have had two full cups.

The scones were lovely, you get two generously sized scones, and as previously mentioned they are warm and moist inside as if they have just been baked. It comes with a generous amount of clotted cream and strawberry jam. I finished off both of mine but my friend struggled to finish her second.

We had no problem grabbing the waitresses attention to ask for the bill, and left pretty swiftly afterwards.

I'm not sure whether I would be inclined to return to Anthony's Patisserie again, as it's not as cheap as other places I have enjoyed a similar standard cream tea, and waiting nearly half an hour for tea and scones (when it's not peak time) seems a little bit excessive. I also hate being cold.

I also despise these things.... 

My tip if you do want to visit is go in summer or in a group of 3 or more as you will be sat on a larger table which are underneath the patio heaters. Be sure to avoid busy periods, if people are queueing down the side to get in, avoid it as the waiting times will surely be longer than my own experience.

For two cream teas it cost us £13.09 (£5.95 each plus a service charge). A few people that day seemed to be ordering lunch and having jacket potatoes... They did look good, however I refuse to pay £4.95 (plus 75p for any extra fillings) for a potato.

Anthony's Patisserie
Victoria Quarter
4 Cross Arcade

Picture of me shortly before visiting Anthony's in the beautifully decorated Victoria Quarter.