Sunday, 13 November 2011

Panini Cafe - Hull

You'd be forgiven for thinking a Cafe called 'Panini Cafe' sells just paninis and sandwich-lunch type things... It's actually more like a greasy spoon. Just what we were looking for when we stepped off the ferry from Hull. We had not eaten a proper meal since the previous day in Bruges as we flat out refused to pay £15 for breakfast or £20 (each) for a buffet dinner..

We were hungry and dying for a fry up.

What we hadn't planned on was that when we docked in Hull it would be Sunday morning. Early Sunday morning.

So we spent a good while wandering around the deserted streets of Hull trying to find somewhere that was open other than McDonalds, Greggs and Starbucks.

I think it must have only just opened when we hopped in as we were the only ones in the there. Only two more couples came in whilst we were there: a couple of builder type men and a couple of old dears.

The menu was exhaustive, as were the additions for the breakfasts (some questionable breakfast additions). We chose a regular breakfast and decided to add hash browns. I asked the waitress if I could substitute my bacon for another sausage and she said this wasn't a problem, so my freind asked if they could substitute their tomato for another egg.. once again not a problem. The typical breakfast comes with either bread or toast; we chose toast; and also comes with a coffee or tea; we chose tea.

I thought this milk jug was really cute... looking around I noticed none of the other tables had one. I guess we were lucky.

Tea and toast arrived at the time. The tea came with the tea bag still in (plus one point) the tea was PG tips (minus one point). I was surprised at how much toast we got, although to call some of it toast is a bit of lie... certain pieces were just warm bread.

I was so hungry by this point I would have eaten most things and I started in to it before I remembered to take a picture... so the above picture is the slightly eaten version.

The egg was fine although my personal preference is to have crispy bits around the edge. The hash browns fell apart as I tried to eat them. The beans were fine but obviously not a well known brand. The sausages looked cheap, I dare not think about the meat content of these sausages. The tomato speaks for itself. I didn't eat it.

The whole shabang came to £5.40 each. I've eaten better for the same price, usually in student areas of Leeds.

I wont be visiting again, should have gone to Starbucks.

If you do decide you want to go here they are situated on Story Street.