Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Homemade Guacamole - Recipe

Guacamole brought to us by the Aztecs, translating to quite simply avocado sauce.

I love Guacamole, whether it be in a fajita, burrito, or simply dolloped on top of some nachos. It seems to be more expensive than other Tex Mex dips, and that combined with a thought pattern of 'how hard can it be?' inspired me to start making my own.

It is actually really simple and I don't know why I have never done so before!

This recipe makes about two ramekins worth of guacamole, you can eat it straight after making it - or if you prefer chill and save for later.


Half a red onion
2 Green chillies
3 Ripe avocados (they need to feel slightly soft when you press them, but not overly so that they have gone past ripe and gone off, and not too firm that they are too hard to crush).
1 Lime
Tbsp of fresh coriander- finely chopped
2 Tsps of salt
Touch of black pepper


- Finely chop your onion (the finer the better) and de-seed and finely chop your chilli. With a pestle and mortar grind these up with your salt until it is a paste. This takes the most effort as you will need to give it some welly to make it into a paste.

- In a bowl add your avocado (removing the stones) and crush up with a fork until it starts to become smoother and 'dip like'. Then add in your onion and chilli paste along with juice from the lime and the coriander. Merge this altogether and add the pepper to taste plus a little more salt if you prefer.

- Give it a bit of a taste, dependent on the size of your lime you may need to add another one here but don't add too much as I have made that mistake before now and all I could taste was lime, or add some coriander. The best thing about making your own guacamole is that you can adapt it to your own taste.

Other ideas for guacamole:

Add some garlic crushing it with the chilli and onion. (I prefer to add garlic but it's not to everyone's taste- you can cheat by adding garlic paste)

Add some garlic and tomato, again crushing the garlic with the chilli and onion and then add a de-seeded ripe tomato at the very end.

Add spring onions instead of red onion - about 2 will do

Spice it up by adding cayenne pepper and cumin to the chilli onion and garlic paste.

You can also use soured cream to make it bit smoother or cool it down if you've over done it with the spice.