Friday, 21 October 2011

The Three Horse Shoes - Oulton Leeds

The Three Horse Shoes is situated on Leeds Road Oulton just opposite the Oulton Hall De Vere Hotel. From the outside it looks like a quaint little old fashioned pub adorned with flowers in many many hanging baskets... something that has seen them win many 'In Bloom' awards such as Leeds in Bloom, Pubs in Bloom and Yorkshire in Bloom.

It was a fairly normal Sunday apart from it was my mum and step-dads third wedding anniversary. They didn't want to do anything overly special but wanted to do something other than watch an Eastenders omnibus and cook a roast dinner. They suggested eating at The Three Horseshoes in Oulton, they had been there before and it wasn't flash and it isn't high cuisine but they enjoyed the food. 

The interior is.... well I have definitely never seen that much brass in one room before! It covers the place. It's quite cute in the way that it reminds me of a pub your granddad would like... probably why my mum and step-dad like going.. they are grandparents after all. 

The menu is varied, it's your average pub food, ranging from lasagna to steak to Sunday roasts. Comfort food. 

The ales on offer are John Smith's, Tetley's, and Old Speckled Hen. I ordered an orange juice as did my mum. We were expecting the usual orange from a bottle you would normally get in a pub, we were instead given cordial and lemonade. 

For mains my mum and step-dad decided to go for the Beef Roast Dinner. 

My mum ended up with a smaller plate than my step-dad and she joked that he had bought her the pensioners special. He hadn't just in case you were wondering. By all accounts they really enjoyed their dinner. 

T ordered fish and chips as he normally does when we eat in pubs. I think it must be some sort of personal mission for him to try every fish and chips pubs in the UK have to offer and find the finest. Well here he certainly found the largest!

T felt that the size of this fish was a bit ridiculous even for his healthy appetite and we ended up taking some home for the cat. 

For my dinner I ordered Sausages and Mash in a giant Yorkshire pudding.... What I was given was beef and chips in a giant Yorkshire pudding.

My beef was awful. I didn't eat it I took it home for the dogs. My carrots tasted salty and mushy as if they had been cooked too long or had been prized out of a tin... the chips tasted as if they had been sat and kept warm all afternoon.. mmm chewy. The peas were... peas, it's hard to get peas wrong. 

My parents were paying though so I put on a brave face and said I was just really overwhelmed by the amount of food I was given... Not sure they believed me. 

My mum really wanted something sweet so we decided to order desserts. My mum and step-dad ordered the sticky toffee pudding with custard. 

My mum scraped her bowl clean I guess she liked it! 

T and I decided to go for the warm apple pie with ice cream... 

We were given apple pie and custard. 

Erm... I finished it. It wasn't fresh custard and it definitely wasn't ice cream like I ordered. I could barely taste the pie as the custard had soaked in to it so much. 

The service was OK. You have to order at the bar and they put your order straight in to the till, so unsure why my orders kept coming out wrong? The waitresses that are milling around don't particularly say much and no one asked us if our meals were OK. 

So overall... small traditional pub. I had two meals and drink... none of which I ordered/wanted.

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