Monday, 26 September 2011

A Rant About Dominoes Pizza

So this blog post was originally intended to be about the new Dominoes range of Gourmet Pizza's.

Instead it is going to turn in to a little bit of a rant, apologies, but I feel it is something I need to get out of my system.

After a hard Sunday of lazying around in my pyjamas all day I decided I would make use of the handy vouchers from Dominoes that had appeared on our doorstep a couple of weeks back. These vouchers include such deals as 'Any stuffed crust pizza for £10.99 any size Gourmet Pizza for £9.99' etc.

I decided since I had not yet tried the Gourmet Pizza range and having read a nice blog post review of the gourmet range that it would be a nice change.

I was wrong.

I ordered a large Firenze Gourmet Pizza to share between me and my friend, we were quoted it would take 45 minutes to reach us and assured that they had our address correct. (We live on a Royd which is often confused as Road, number 15 Roaders are never particularly pleased when they receive take away orders and eBay items for 15 Royders).

An hour later our food arrives.....

We open it up and it looks a bit flat and settled. I touch it. It's cold. So my friend jumps up and says not to worry we'll stick it in the oven for 5 minutes.

Whilst he is in the kitchen... I start to think... hang on a minute those white cubed things that were dotted on it... I don't remember that in the description. So I take a look at the menu... I can't see anything that would fit what these cubes are on my pizza. So I look at the pizza listed underneath... Florentine. The white cubes are Greek feta cheese. I hate feta cheese purely due to the consistency.

So I rush in to the kitchen and tell them that it's the wrong pizza! We have a look... not a piece of meat in sight. I am very annoyed by this point. Not only was it late and cold but now we have the wrong pizza. As you can guess I am seriously unimpressed. I was looking forward to a big meaty slightly spicy pizza, and now what I have is a flat pizza with cheese I hate on it.

Knowing that nothing could be done we sat down to eat it. I tried to eat one of the tomatoes dotted on top... it was so tangy it was not enjoyable. So now not only am I picking of cubes of Greek feta cheese but I'm also picking off the tomatoes. So I am left with a basic pizza. Apart from it's not a basic pizza. The tomato puree is not dominoes original, it's orange in colour and watery in consistency and doesn't cover the whole base. I end up eating a few pieces but covering them in the garlic dip they provide with the pizza to make it taste a little better.

So in future I wont be trying to order from their new Gourmet range my experience this time round has deterred me. My Sunday night treat was turned in to a Sunday night sulk.