Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cafe with a View - Scarborough, North Yorkshire

A couple of weekends back I spent a weekend in Scarborough.

I LOVE Scarborough. It brings back so many childhood memories. Although I am sad to see that a few of the things I remember loving as a child have now gone, and most of the amusements seem to have been taken over by one person, 'Slots of fun' and (Cheat)'Ashes' have both now disappeared.

We had booked in to a fancy hotel (when I say fancy I mean 3 star which is fancy to us at £135 a night!) for Friday night and arranged to eat there too so we didn't want to fill ourselves too much with a big lunch. We walked the length of the South-side, looked in many windows at many menus and walked in and out of one cafe... Then we decided to go up one of the back streets where we found 'Cafe With a View'.

Modern in comparison to some of the cafes found in Scarborough, stepping inside it felt bright and refreshing. The owner immediately greeted us and asked us where we would prefer to sit, unfortunately the window seats were already taken. We sat slightly back from the window which gives a striking panorama of the Scarborough's South-side front and out to the sea.

However it was only 2 minutes after we sat down that someone vacated their seats and we skipped across to sit by the window.

The owner was incredibly friendly but not imposing and took our drink orders... we ordered a pot of tea for two noticing with pleasure that it specifically mentioned on the menu that the tea they serve is Yorkshire Tea.

I had already decided what I wanted before we entered the cafe, it was one of the deciding factors in choosing where to eat. I wanted a cream scone with jam. The boy was happy to find something such as jacket spud or toasted sandwich, luckily this place did both. My friend decided on a toasted sandwich, the menu gave a list of ingredients that could be put in your sandwich a sort of build your own. The boy decided to have mozzarella and chorizo on brown bread.

My scone wasn't amazing but it was nice, it wasn't stale and it was fluffy inside. It filled a hole which is really all I was looking to do.

My friend really enjoyed theirs although the mozzarella accompanied only by bread and chorizo made it very stringy and they had a few awkward moments with their sandwich. I just sat there and laughed.

What I did really like (apart from the tea and views) was that whilst we were waiting for our food we observed there were little homemade books dotted around the restaurant. The books direct you to the sights you can see outside the window and tells you a little bit of history about Scarborough. We got the owner to help us point out the place were the Holbeck Hall Hotel once stood and he recalled back to when it fell away in to the sea in 1993.

The bill was reasonable totalling a little over £10. I would definitely like to go back as the atmosphere here was lovely and relaxed, it makes for a great tea stop.