Saturday, 27 August 2011

My First UK Dominoes Pizza Experience.

Right OK... I know what you're thinking... First Dominoes 'UK' Pizza... huh?

I have tried Dominoes before so it's not completely new to me. I tried it for the first time whilst living in New Zealand on my career break (I only lasted 3 months working for accommodation before I ran out of money... maybe I should have laid off the Dominoes pizza). Dominoes Pizza in NZ is a lot different from those in the UK, firstly they have an obsession with putting barbecue sauce on pizzas, and eggs... and it you ask for peppers? You get ground fresh pepper for an outrageous price (I made this mistake) if you want peppers (as we know in the UK) you need to ask for capsicums.

I have been put off ordering Dominoes in the UK purely because of the price of them. £15.99 for a pizza is a bit on the steep side. However a menu was kindly dropped on to our door step by some poor boy working for £3.64 an hour in the pouring rain. I had a look wondering what deals they had and if they would tempt me in to paying more than average prices for a takeaway pizza...  there was one deal which caught my eye. Spend over £20 on a Friday and get a free tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. This sold it for me. I love Carmel Chew Chew.

So one lazy Friday night we decided to order a large Pepperoni Passion with the new cheese and garlic stuffed crust, a cheese and tomato garlic bread to take it over £20 so I could get my Ben and Jerry's tub of ice cream for free.

We decided to be even lazier and ordered it online. Ordering it online allows you to track your pizza's progress right up to it arriving at your door... not entirely sure how accurate this is.

It made it to the house within 40 minutes, I have had to wait over an hour for a pizza from my local pizza place on a Friday night so this was impressive as its a fair bit further away too. It was steaming hot when it arrived.. always a plus point.

I couldn't quite believe HOW nice this was. It's like pizza hut used to be before it went bad... and everything changed to tasting like plastic (I'm talking about a lot of years back now). The stuffed crust was not scrimpily stuffed and the cheese with garlic was mouth watering. There was plenty of pepperoni packed on the pizza but not overly so it turned greasy... I hate it when you feel you have to mop the pizza with kitchen roll before you can even begin to put it to your lips.

The garlic bread was a lot smaller than I was expecting.. £4 for a tiny tiny piece, I pay less for one that's the same size as a medium pizza at my local.

The size although disgruntling wasn't a massive issue in the end as we were so stuffed from the large pizza we ordered.

I have decided that although Dominoes in the UK is VERY nice... it will definitely have to be a rare treat as paying £20 for a takeaway is a little bit out of my price league for takeaway pizza.