Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Marks and Spencers beef burgers with twice cooked chips.

I guess this post is half a review and half a recipe... I had bought some Marks and Spencer's beef burgers topped with Gruyere cheese on my way home one night because they were reduced to only £3 making that £1.50 per burger! Bargain.

So with burgers in hand I decided to make my own gourmet burger, this obviously would need some decent chips to match.. and some delicious coleslaw. I decided to buy M&S coleslaw as I love the stuff it's so creamy and crunchy. I would like to make my own some day but I would really prefer a recipe recommendation and thus far all I have is a recipe for apple coleslaw.....

I did a bit of searching around the internet for recipes for twice cooked chips as I would love to be able to make the perfect chip. I always go on and on about the chips a restaurant serves being a maker or breaker for me, so I guess it makes sense for me to try and make my own perfect chip. I took tips from many of the recipes I read due to not one of them looking like they would make my perfect chip.

I started by chopping each potato in half and slicing them long ways. I once heard Nigella Lawson give a good tip on how many potatoes to cook, one potato per person plus and extra one for luck. A lot of the recipes I read told you to peel and chop the potatoes but I much prefer chips with skins.

I brought a pan of salty water to boil and popped the chips in and lowered the heat to a simmer. I left the chips in for just over 10 minutes, drained and then left them to cool.

Now we don't have a deep fat fryer, instead we have an actifry which is supposed to be a lot healthier as it only uses a spoonful of oil.

With the burgers, cherry tomatoes and onion rings in the oven I chucked the chips in the fryer and let it do it's magic. I wasn't disappointed they were perfect with a bit of salt and pepper sprinkled over the top. Surprisingly easy to make I don't know how so many places fail!!

The Marks and Spencer's burgers cooked to perfection in the recommended time. They were juicy but not greasy despite the amount of cheese that was on them. They have a great mixture of spices contained within them which made them much more tastier than the ones you buy at the butchers (or if you dare... out of a packet). The cheese, by the time the burgers had cooked, had seeped in to the burger which added to the great mix of flavours. If you like your burgers a bit pinker inside I would try cooking them for less than the recommended time.

I would definitely buy the Marks and Spencer's burgers again full price and I am going to be making more of my own chips from now on.

For an alternative to deep fat fryers... http://www.tefal-actifry.org.uk/suppliers-prices-offers/?gclid=CISh27nU_KkCFYYMtAodLBkRnw

One of the best recipes I found for twice cooked chips but amended for my own tastes... http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/features/how-to-cook-the-perfect-chips-1607050.html