Friday, 8 July 2011

Escobar Leeds

Please note this establishment has now closed.

I first heard about this establishment through groupon, I had a look on their website and realised that their everyday deals were just as good as the coupon being offered. Between 5pm and 7pm they do an early bird deal whereby you get 30% off food wine and cocktails, Tuesday to Saturday, the menu isn't subsidised either it's the regular menu which is available on this offer.

Myself and two friends decided to drop by after finishing work one Friday to line our stomachs before catching up with the rest of the group in the pub later on.

When we arrived we tried to get in using the wrong door and had to trail back up the side of the building to the door we had just passed, a little sign would have been helpful at this point!

The waitress was very friendly greeted us at the door and took us over to a table. There was only one other group of friends in the place, other than that it was pretty deserted for 5.45pm on a Friday night.

The cocktail menu was a bit perplexing as none of us knew what half of the things were in them.. I decided to stray away from it and ordered a Desparado whereas my friends order a mojito type cocktail and a cosmopolitan.

We didn't fancy having a huge meal as we didn't want to be so stuffed and uncomfortable we couldn't manage a drink or two later. So we decided to make our order more like tapas, and order a range of starters and sides.

The waitress was very patient with us, as being an all female group we were very indecisive and kept getting caught up in our conversations and gossiping.

When our drinks arrived we had finally made our decisions. The waitress didn't look too impressed with our idea to order a few starters and sides...

We chose bread and oil hoping this would come whilst we waited for the cooked food; but instead it came late and we had to ask for them twice... when they eventually showed up they were just cold slices of bread with oil... we couldn't understand why they had taken so long to get to our table??

Totopos which are deep fried tortilla strips with mexican seasoning served with mild red sauce, sour cream and guacamole. These were very addictive and I couldn't stop nibbling and dipping them.

Stuffed Sweet Pepper: we were slightly disappointed with the portion size of this starter as it was only half a pepper and we had to chop it in to three parts to divide amongst us. The spicy cream cheese which it was stuffed with was really tasty and not over powering in the cheese or spice department.

Squid rings: these were plentiful and not too greasy.

Nachos topped with chorizo: the chorizo was cooked perfectly and worked really well on top of the nachos as it didn't make them all soppy. However the waitress did give us the wrong nachos to start with and came running over asking if we had eaten any as they weren't ours....

Rustic home made chips: always puts any establishment to the test... if you can't do a good chip you've already failed in my eyes. Luckily these chips were nice but we weren't offered any salt to put on them and there wasn't any on the table.

Mexican rice: this was really nice also and was a very big portion to say this was only supposed to be a side.

Half way through our selection of nibbles we ordered a jug of Sangria. I must impose a WARNING here... the Sangria is deceitful... it goes down too well almost like drinking juice... so you can end up very drunk very easily. But three lively young women we really didn't care about this!!

We asked for the bill at 7.15pm forgetting the time as we were a little bit squiffy at this point and had gotten tangled up in our own worlds but we still got 30% off our bill as we had ordered before 7pm... however as soon as it was passed 7pm the waitress came over and asked us if we wanted any more drinks... sneaky!

The bill in total came to around £39 which between three of us worked out at £13 each! What a bargain for more food than we could eat a jug of sangria and three more drinks on top!

The service level was fine for us as we were quite happy to keep ourselves to ourselves and could create our own atmosphere. Which was probably a good thing as with the lack of people and the music getting louder every half an hour (probably to drowned out our giggles) it definitely lacked atmosphere... It didn't seem to be getting any busier towards the 7pm mark either and we only saw one more person come in to eat and he was by himself.

The decor is... interesting. Skeletons dressed as mexicans is a specific taste I guess.

A little unknown but definitely worth a look especially if you're going to take advantage of the 30% off, which is 30% off the entire bill not each individual item you order. I would go here again but probably to do the same sort of thing rather than for a nice evening meal or lunch.


Food: ****
Value *****
Service **
Atmosphere **
Cleanliness ****

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