Saturday, 2 July 2011

Barburrito - Leeds

OK... so Barburrito is not exactly the finest of establishments, but I do admit to eating here quite frequently. It's cheap and cheerful and the burritos are enormous!

The menu is not huge, with only four mains to chose from: Burrito, Burrito Bowl, Tacos and Nachos. I have only ever chosen the Burrito with chicken or slow cooked pork fillings being my favourites.

A bit like Subway, your Burrito is made along a line of food stuffs. You decide upon your meat (or veg) then your type of beans which ranges in spiciness, salsa again ranges in spiciness, cheese, sour cream and for a little extra you can have peppers in there too.

Dependent upon your server at the time, the Burrito is wrapped snuggly in foil twisted at the bottom so you don't have it all over your lap. Get a newbie or sloppy member of staff and this can end up unravelling as you eat it.

I usually get these to take out with a bottle of drink, but if you want to sit in you can get a bottomless soda.

The reason I mainly chose to eat out is that the cleanliness of the place is not up to scratch, and from my last visit I now know why. The staff who make your food are also employed as the cleaners... It's not the liveliest of places either and is usually quite quiet.

If you join The Light elite club membership is free, with your elite card you can get any Burrito for £3 when you buy a drink. A bottomless soda costs £1.50, which works out as a very cheap healthier fast food alternative.



Food ***
Value *****
Service *
Atmosphere *
Cleanliness *

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