Friday, 15 July 2011

Dare - Otley Road and Skippy's North Lane Headingley, Leeds.

Last Saturday tea time my friend and I found ourselves wandering around the streets of Headingley trying to find something nice to eat. We had spent the afternoon playing pool and had some time to kill before meeting friends for cocktails.

Knowing that room needed to be left for cocktails we didn't want anything too big or too expensive (as cocktails don't come cheap) we wandered all the way down to The Olive Tree and back up to the Box. My friend was too hot and is never a big eater when hot and I was just being difficult and picky. So eventually after a lot of uming and aaah-ing and hovering outside eateries we decided upon Dare. I was a little put off at first as standing outside it smelt like a late night takeaway... We walked a bit further in and my friend tried to convince me it had started to smell better.

Dare is quite small, rather like a long corridor with a kitchen at the end. We requested a table for two and were put towards the back near the kitchen despite there being tables nearer the front. (This didn't help my friend's unhappiness at being too hot to eat).

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Marks and Spencers beef burgers with twice cooked chips.

I guess this post is half a review and half a recipe... I had bought some Marks and Spencer's beef burgers topped with Gruyere cheese on my way home one night because they were reduced to only £3 making that £1.50 per burger! Bargain.

So with burgers in hand I decided to make my own gourmet burger, this obviously would need some decent chips to match.. and some delicious coleslaw. I decided to buy M&S coleslaw as I love the stuff it's so creamy and crunchy. I would like to make my own some day but I would really prefer a recipe recommendation and thus far all I have is a recipe for apple coleslaw.....

I did a bit of searching around the internet for recipes for twice cooked chips as I would love to be able to make the perfect chip. I always go on and on about the chips a restaurant serves being a maker or breaker for me, so I guess it makes sense for me to try and make my own perfect chip. I took tips from many of the recipes I read due to not one of them looking like they would make my perfect chip.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Escobar Leeds

Please note this establishment has now closed.

I first heard about this establishment through groupon, I had a look on their website and realised that their everyday deals were just as good as the coupon being offered. Between 5pm and 7pm they do an early bird deal whereby you get 30% off food wine and cocktails, Tuesday to Saturday, the menu isn't subsidised either it's the regular menu which is available on this offer.

Myself and two friends decided to drop by after finishing work one Friday to line our stomachs before catching up with the rest of the group in the pub later on.

When we arrived we tried to get in using the wrong door and had to trail back up the side of the building to the door we had just passed, a little sign would have been helpful at this point!

The waitress was very friendly greeted us at the door and took us over to a table. There was only one other group of friends in the place, other than that it was pretty deserted for 5.45pm on a Friday night.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Leeds Loves Food Festival

Leeds Loves Food Festival took place between 1-3 July 2011

Once again this was all the tweeties could talk about and how amazing it was.... so obviously I had to check it out for myself!

Now I have never been to Leeds food festival before so I have nothing to compare it to. It was bigger than I expected it to be. I loved the fact that there were lots of Leeds' independent restaurants, bars and cafes there. I think I was expecting a larger version of the Kirkstall Deli Market. There were some independent retailers there too a lot more than Kirkstall Deli Market and a much wider range, but I guess this down to the foot fall millennium square gets to that of Kirkstall Abbey.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Barburrito - Leeds

OK... so Barburrito is not exactly the finest of establishments, but I do admit to eating here quite frequently. It's cheap and cheerful and the burritos are enormous!

The menu is not huge, with only four mains to chose from: Burrito, Burrito Bowl, Tacos and Nachos. I have only ever chosen the Burrito with chicken or slow cooked pork fillings being my favourites.

A bit like Subway, your Burrito is made along a line of food stuffs. You decide upon your meat (or veg) then your type of beans which ranges in spiciness, salsa again ranges in spiciness, cheese, sour cream and for a little extra you can have peppers in there too.

The Reliance - North Street, Leeds

If you want to go out for food on a weekend but avoid the madness that is the city centre on a Friday and Saturday night then... stray a little further.

The Reliance attracts all different kinds of clientèle from your older middle-class-jumper-wearing-as-a-scarf/shrug type to the couple type to the studenty type.  The dress code is relaxed smart casual; a great place to go in jeans or a bit more dressy if you're making a night of it.

It's split in to two parts: the bar downstairs and the dining room upstairs (although you can get nibbles from the dining menu to eat down at the bar too). On busier nights I'm informed that your name is written on the chalk board and you are called up from the spacious bar when your table is ready upstairs. There are plenty of board games stored in the bookcase to keep you occupied, including a personal favourite Scrabble. This time however we walked in and requested a table for two, the barmaid took our drinks and by the time they were ready so was our table.