Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Railway Inn - Froghall Stoke on Trent

A short but sweet post this time in regards to The Railway Inn...

After a long day at work and then a long car drive down to Staffordshire to stay the night in a hotel, it was edging towards 9.30pm and I still hadn't eaten. Fearing of wasting away, my self and three friends decided to stop at the nearest place we could find that served food.

Unfortunately in the Staffordshire countryside there doesn't seem to be any late night fast food outlets so we set our sights on a pub... the first we stopped at didn't serve food but they did direct us to a place down the road.

Almost driving past the place we stopped by. We walked in and asked if they were still serving food (not fancying our chances seen as it was so late in the evening). They replied no and we walked out with our heads hung low.... we had almost reached the car when a young girl came running after us. The girl told us if we were wanting to eat they would put the stoves back on and the manager would be happy to cook for us (the cook had already gone home). Obviously we were delighted at their offer and their outstanding kindness.

We walked back in to the restaurant and were told to sit where ever we wanted (there was the whole restaurant side of the pub for us to choose from). The waitress/barmaid got us extra menus and was generally very friendly. The bar manager then came over to talk to us who was even more welcoming advising he would do anything to make us feel welcome and satisfied. It was at this point we advised him of our trip and that we were actually headed towards Alton Towers but was staying in a hotel near by in order to be up fresh and early to get to the park in the morning. The manager then proceeded to tell us that not only was his pub a restaurant but it was also a hotel. He boasted of his great double rooms all with four poster beds and that the next time we were to head down we should call him up and he would give us a great deal (cue the business cards).

The meals were better than we expected, having just dropped in to a random pub in the middle of nowhere. I myself order chicken tikka masala as I know this to be a safe bet. One friend ordered lamb tagine (which was a little spicy for his taste), another friend ordered the gammon steak 16oz (after the manager spent about 10 minutes bragging about it's excellence) and our other friend ordered lasagne.

The meals were plentiful and certainly filled a spot. Although not gourmet food or anything to splash out on, it was good comfort food and certainly better than the fast food we would have gotten if we had stopped on the motorway.

The photos are not the best... I was very tired, the lighting was bad, and the food was exactly picturesque...