Sunday, 26 June 2011

Kirkstall Deli Market

I have been reading the hype on Twitter about Kirkstall Deli Market and decided I needed to give it a try. It's on the last Saturday of every month in the historic 12th Century ruins of Kirkstall Abbey.

The market is open 12-3pm, we got there about 1.45pm and some of the stalls had already packed up and left as they had already sold out of produce such as Box Pizza.

There were a lot of baking stalls and pickle stalls, so you're if partial to a bit of cake and pickle then you'd be spoilt for choice!

As soon as we walked in we were hit by an amazing smell of curry being freshly cooked for you to eat now or buy for later. We had a wander around first before we bought anything and then revisited the places we wanted to buy things from. Nearly every stall had free samples which was definitely a highlight and we naughtily visited some more than once!

We stopped by Fayre by Alley's stall for a free sample... unfortunately most of their samples were melting in the heat but we still gave it a good try. Fayre by Alley are home-made products based on a Canadian recipe  the Nanaimo bar. The bars they had available were mint, cinnamon, and ginger nut. They are lovely little gems of heaven with such intense flavour. A biscuit base with a creamy flavoured filling topped with a slate of chocolate.

My friend bought the cinnamon one which is pictured above and I bought the mint one. For a small bar it was a £1.
My friend's description of their cinnamon bar... "Starting off with a delicious chocolate and cream filler then the cinnamon sort of takes over everything and wraps it up in a little bow."

We wrapped them up and took them home for later... unfortunately mine melted a bit. But still tasted awesome!

We were spoilt for choice on what to have for lunch, seeing the queue for the fish and chips van we headed towards the curry stall which had excited our senses on arrival.

There was three different curries to choose from I chose the chicken and spinach and my friend chose the mixed meat plate.

The mixed meat plate came with lamb samosas, chicken in Budweiser sauce and lamb shish kebabs. My friend loved the samosas and chicken. However the kebab as you can see looked like the kind of burger you get from a random van in the city centre at 3am in the morning.. rat burger springs to mind.

I really enjoyed my curry. It was nice and spicy, possibly too spicy for some but I do like a kick to my curries. (Not vindaloo spicy I may add!). There was a bit of extra water thrown in with the rice so when I got the bottom it was a puddle of curry and rice so I didn't finish it.

Overall I really enjoyed walking around Kirkstall Deli with the sun shining it made for a lovely lunch time excursion. It would have been nice to see some more variety in the stalls, and most of the stalls had or were running out of produce by the time we got there. So my tip would be to arrive early to make the most out of it!!

Websites   for the lovely Canadian Treats to find out what stalls will be appearing next time    for fish and chips with a twist (get there quick they sell out fast!) another stall we would have loved to have seen but had left by the time we arrived!