Sunday, 26 June 2011

Kirkstall Deli Market

I have been reading the hype on Twitter about Kirkstall Deli Market and decided I needed to give it a try. It's on the last Saturday of every month in the historic 12th Century ruins of Kirkstall Abbey.

The market is open 12-3pm, we got there about 1.45pm and some of the stalls had already packed up and left as they had already sold out of produce such as Box Pizza.

There were a lot of baking stalls and pickle stalls, so you're if partial to a bit of cake and pickle then you'd be spoilt for choice!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Railway Inn - Froghall Stoke on Trent

A short but sweet post this time in regards to The Railway Inn...

After a long day at work and then a long car drive down to Staffordshire to stay the night in a hotel, it was edging towards 9.30pm and I still hadn't eaten. Fearing of wasting away, my self and three friends decided to stop at the nearest place we could find that served food.

Unfortunately in the Staffordshire countryside there doesn't seem to be any late night fast food outlets so we set our sights on a pub... the first we stopped at didn't serve food but they did direct us to a place down the road.

Almost driving past the place we stopped by. We walked in and asked if they were still serving food (not fancying our chances seen as it was so late in the evening). They replied no and we walked out with our heads hung low.... we had almost reached the car when a young girl came running after us. The girl told us if we were wanting to eat they would put the stoves back on and the manager would be happy to cook for us (the cook had already gone home). Obviously we were delighted at their offer and their outstanding kindness.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Lucia's Wine Bar and Grill - York

It was a glorious summers day in York and we were strolling around trying to find somewhere to have dinner that wasn't one of those mass produced chain restaurants, you the know places I don't need to name them. So there we were manoeuvring our way through the cobbled bowing streets just near to the The Shambles and happened to see a small lane deviating away from one of the main streets of shops. Down this charming lane were twinkling lights and bright yellow d├ęcor tucked into a corner. The menu was at the end of the lane and we had a quick glance and immediately knew that we wanted to eat there.

We were greeted just as we approached by a friendly, smiley, pretty waitress who promptly showed us to our seats with no hesitation or that horrid awkwardness which sometimes grabs you when a waiter/waitress fumbles about asking where you would like to seat.. and you stand there for about 2 minutes thinking I have no idea I have never been here before. The best way to handle this situation (in my own opinion) is to show your guests to their seats and ask then if the table is good for them, you have then had the chance to look around whilst been guided to your table and can better assess the ambiance. Babbling again...