Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Homemade Guacamole - Recipe

Guacamole brought to us by the Aztecs, translating to quite simply avocado sauce.

I love Guacamole, whether it be in a fajita, burrito, or simply dolloped on top of some nachos. It seems to be more expensive than other Tex Mex dips, and that combined with a thought pattern of 'how hard can it be?' inspired me to start making my own.

It is actually really simple and I don't know why I have never done so before!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Las Iguanas - Leeds

*chain restaurant alert*

Unlike some foodies out there I don't mind chain restaurants. You know what to expect and you can go back time and time again and get the same food (good hopefully) and experience no matter which staff are in. I particularly don't mind chain restaurants who change their menus either seasonally or just to give it a bit of a mix up.

Las Iguanas often change their menu and so I don't mind going there every now and again. They also do a bargain lunch deal and two for one cocktails during happy hour. On this occasion I hadn't been to Las Iguanas for a fair few months and had noticed that they had mixed up the menu a bit.

We were shown to our seats and given menus. We both decided to go with the lunch menu as it's £6.90 for one course and an additional £1.50 or £2.50 for a starter. You can also add a glass of beer or wine for £1.50 or a soft drink for just a quid. However we decided to get cocktails. There are 6 non-alcoholic cocktails to chose from and my friend chose the Virgin Pina Colada. As it was happy hour I was going to go for the two for one cocktails and have two to myself, but looking at the ones you can choose from on the happy hour list... and noting you can no longer get Sangria I didn't bother and just got a glass of Sangria. My friend loved their Pina Colada and I felt that my Sangria was OK, it wasn't great and I'm sure they used to be better, I think they need to go back to their old recipe.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Neon Cactus - Call Lane, Leeds

Recently I seem to be craving spicy food... all the time! So when I was out shopping in Leeds city centre the other week and it came to deciding upon where to have lunch I knew I wanted something spicy. I wanted to try somewhere I had never visited before and I didn't fancy Indian or Tapas. So whilst I sat cradling a cup of tea in Primo's I googled 'Mexican Restaurant Leeds City centre'.. the top results were Las Iguanas (although I'm sure it's more ranging South American cuisine rather than just mexican?), Pinche Pinche (Not city centre), and Escobar (see review here).

Taking a better look through the results I saw Neon Cactus and noted that it wasn't too far from where I was as it's located on Call Lane.  I had a look through the menu and both my shopping partner and I agreed we wouldn't mind trying it out.

I don't go out too much any more, I've left my wilder days behind me, so I have never been here in the evening although I think it used to be Dr Woo's correct me if I'm wrong?

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Appeltaart - Dutch Apple Pie

After tasting the most amazing apple pie ever in Bruges I had to try my hand at making one just as good. I did a bit of research and found that there is a difference between English apple pie and Dutch apple pie.. for one thing they call it Appeltaart. It's a lot sweeter than English apple pie and it is absolutely amazing. There is no need to sweeten it up with custard, just a side of ice cream to give it that lovely hot cold contrast.

Panini Cafe - Hull

You'd be forgiven for thinking a Cafe called 'Panini Cafe' sells just paninis and sandwich-lunch type things... It's actually more like a greasy spoon. Just what we were looking for when we stepped off the ferry from Hull. We had not eaten a proper meal since the previous day in Bruges as we flat out refused to pay £15 for breakfast or £20 (each) for a buffet dinner..

We were hungry and dying for a fry up.

What we hadn't planned on was that when we docked in Hull it would be Sunday morning. Early Sunday morning.

So we spent a good while wandering around the deserted streets of Hull trying to find somewhere that was open other than McDonalds, Greggs and Starbucks.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Bruges Food - featuring De Hobbit

Bruges for those of you who don't know is in the North of the United Kingdom of Belgium, it is the largest city and capital of West Flanders. This medieval city has been preserved in time most of the buildings are in excellent condition, and as a result the whole city centre is a world heritage site.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Cornucopia - The Corn Exchange Leeds

This weekend after weeks of build ups, advertising and tweeting Cornucopia landed at the Leeds Corn Exchange. Cornucopia was created to showcase the goodies of local producers and businesses.

This magnificent building designed by the ever famous Yorkshire architect Cuthbert Brodrick (yes it is not just the name of a Wetherspoons)... his other iconic buildings include Leeds Town Hall, The Grand Hotel in Scarborough, and Leeds City Museum (previously The Mechanics Institute and then later Leeds Civic Hall).

Cornucopia: a horn of plenty, symbolising nourishment and abundance... also the name of a famous Leeds Mural...

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Recipe Review: The Magic Faraway Tree Toffee Shock Cake

Last month I discovered a new blog.. awannabefoodie.wordpress.com and I loved what I found.

This is the Magic Faraway Tree Toffee Shock Cake....

I decided after reading @wannabefoodie76's blog that I NEEDED to make this cake.

So I did.

This is how it turned out.

Friday, 21 October 2011

The Three Horse Shoes - Oulton Leeds

The Three Horse Shoes is situated on Leeds Road Oulton just opposite the Oulton Hall De Vere Hotel. From the outside it looks like a quaint little old fashioned pub adorned with flowers in many many hanging baskets... something that has seen them win many 'In Bloom' awards such as Leeds in Bloom, Pubs in Bloom and Yorkshire in Bloom.

It was a fairly normal Sunday apart from it was my mum and step-dads third wedding anniversary. They didn't want to do anything overly special but wanted to do something other than watch an Eastenders omnibus and cook a roast dinner. They suggested eating at The Three Horseshoes in Oulton, they had been there before and it wasn't flash and it isn't high cuisine but they enjoyed the food. 

Thursday, 20 October 2011

La Tasca - Menu relaunch

Please note La Tasca's restaurant on Greek Street Leeds has now closed. 

Over the years I have had a bit of a love hate relationship with La Tasca. There have been three occasions in total where I have left after my meal feeling less than satisfied with the food and the service. After my last experience of soggy Tortilla Espanola and limp salad I said I wouldn't be returning. So when I was contacted about a blogger event to be held at La Tasca I was a little wary. However it was quickly explained by the lovely Becca that this event was coinciding with La Tasca's relaunch and new look... I was curious. I decided to go with no expectations and a clean slate (they were offering free food and Sangria I felt I owed them that much.)

The evening consisted of a Sangria making class and Jamon Iberico carving master class, as well as taster of their new and improved menu.

I arrived a little early but was pleased to see that there were some people already there and I wasn't the first. I wasn't so happy to see the host who has been there quite a while seems to be moody any day of the week, he didn't even wait for us to step properly through the door before announcing table for two and turning around to get menus...

Monday, 17 October 2011

Spicy Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash Soup - Recipe

It's not very often that I make soup, but when your poorly and it's cold there is nothing better than a big bowl of piping hot soup and crusty bread. This soup really will clear your sinuses as it's a little bit spicy! Unfortunately one of us couldn't finish his bowl of soup as it was too spicy.... To tame this down a bit just simply add less spice or more butter milk.

It's really simple to make too... just five steps!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Create - Leeds

Please note this establishment has now closed. 

Being a newbie to the Foodie/Blogger/Twitter scene I was yet to attend my first blogger/twitter event. I have been keeping an eager eye on my twitter feed for such events.... and was absolutely thrilled when I won the chance to go along to Create for their first taster-demo event... and it was free to the lucky winners. (Double whoop).

A few months ago after walking back towards the train station along East Parade, I noticed that something was stirring in the building at the bottom of the street which used to house a pizza place (correct me if I'm wrong I never actually visited the place that was here before Create). Being of a curious nature I wandered up to the windows and tried to have a peak, the colours and website displayed in the windows had caught my eye. Although I couldn't see inside I made a note of the website and planned to look it up once I got home.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Kendells Bistro - Leeds

After the disappointment of Souz Le Nez last year (nothing to do with the food just the service) I have been determined to find a nicer, more welcoming, more French-like restaurant ever since.

A friend recommended Kendell's Bistro as a nice place to celebrate a special occasion.

Tucked away down a side street off of St Peter's Street squished in between The Wardrobe and a dance studio it doesn't look amazing from the outside.

HOWEVER... when we stepped inside the atmosphere that surrounded us was spirited and we were much more impressed.

We were greeted at the door by a lovely lady who asked for our reservation and took our coats and umbrella. She asked us if we had ever visited before and quickly explained the set up. There is a black board which spans the length of the restaurant on one wall. On this black board is the whole menu, the reason? The menu is constantly changing and if anything is sold out the Chef can quickly amend it, a good idea and a sign of a confident Chef. Guiding us to our table she proceeded to tell us that she was expecting a large group this evening so asked that we please excuse where we were being seated. She was tucking us away in the corner as it would be more romantic and hidden away from the noise that would later descend on the restaurant. This really impressed us as we were not treated with such thought and compassion in the Scarborough Hotel when they were expecting a large group.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The World Curry Festival - Leeds

Just a short post about The World Curry Festival that took place in Leeds last weekend...

Apologies for the photo quality, I was in such a hurry to get there I didn't pick up my camera. I did have my trusty iPhone with me which I think held up quite well on this occasion.

I'm sure most of you reading will already know something about the World Curry Festival or have at least heard of it (or seen it). This year was the second Word Curry Festival to be held in Leeds. Last year's was such a success they decided to do it all over again this year (Yipee).

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Da Mario's - Leeds

Da Mario's on the Headrow in Leeds has become as much as an recognised feature of the high street as the barrel man.. but yet how many people have actually eaten there?

This restaurant has been here as long as I have been alive! Founded in 1976 it's website claims it is Leeds' 'longest established Italian Trattoria' (for those of you who are unsure what this means a Trattoria is an Italian type of eating establishment, it is less formal than a restaurante but more formal than a cafe type 'osteria'). Da Mario's is now under new management which I expect is the reason it has had a bit of a re-fit inside. If you had walked in to there prior to this it was like walking in to a time warp to the 70's it seemed to have stood still in time.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Ambassador Hotel - Scarborough, North Yorkshire

This post is a bit different to my previous blog posts... as it's sort of a cross between a restaurant review and a hotel review. It didn't seem fair to only judge the hotel on it's restaurant, and outlining the whole experience I hope will add to the restaurant review.

As mentioned in my previous post on Cafe with a View me and a friend had embarked on a mini break to Scarborough at the beginning of September.

Sometime last June I had bought a voucher from Groupon for a one night break at The Ambassador Hotel Scarborough. We had already decided previously that we wanted to go to on a little trip to Scarborough in the summer, as I just simply LOVE Scarborough.

Monday, 26 September 2011

A Rant About Dominoes Pizza

So this blog post was originally intended to be about the new Dominoes range of Gourmet Pizza's.

Instead it is going to turn in to a little bit of a rant, apologies, but I feel it is something I need to get out of my system.

After a hard Sunday of lazying around in my pyjamas all day I decided I would make use of the handy vouchers from Dominoes that had appeared on our doorstep a couple of weeks back. These vouchers include such deals as 'Any stuffed crust pizza for £10.99 any size Gourmet Pizza for £9.99' etc.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cafe with a View - Scarborough, North Yorkshire

A couple of weekends back I spent a weekend in Scarborough.

I LOVE Scarborough. It brings back so many childhood memories. Although I am sad to see that a few of the things I remember loving as a child have now gone, and most of the amusements seem to have been taken over by one person, 'Slots of fun' and (Cheat)'Ashes' have both now disappeared.

We had booked in to a fancy hotel (when I say fancy I mean 3 star which is fancy to us at £135 a night!) for Friday night and arranged to eat there too so we didn't want to fill ourselves too much with a big lunch. We walked the length of the South-side, looked in many windows at many menus and walked in and out of one cafe... Then we decided to go up one of the back streets where we found 'Cafe With a View'.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Recipe Review: Bill Granger's Oven Baked Chicken and Asparagus Risotto

This is a recipe I picked up from Bill Grangers book: Every Day . I now want to buy this book. The recipe was recommended to me.

It really is fab! But you will have to be quick if you want to make this one as asparagus is going out of season.... Which is sad that I will have to wait months and months to make this again but I'm also quite excited at the prospect of autumn and winter food... big warming casseroles and soups!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

La Cafetiere - Hyde Park Corner. Leeds

 I discovered this cosy little place as a student when I lived just down the road in the ever lively Hyde Park. Situated on Hyde Park Corner (£1 on the bus from the city centre) you arrive slap bang in studentville. Don't let the skate park, the deep fried chicken shops, or cash-converter style-esq shops opposite put you off... here on this corner lies a few quaint eateries that are cheap (remember where we are), quirky and delightfully surprising.

There's no missing this place... it's bright purple. Just looking at it from the outside gives you an idea of what it's going to be like inside... slightly Mediterranean in appearance (with the bike parked up outside adding to European vibe) with mismatching tables and chairs under the veranda, it bellows unique and independent.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Del's Delicious Melt In Your Mouth Chocolate Brownies

Del has spent many many years looking for and perfecting the perfect chocolate brownie.. and I think she's pretty close.

I have made these brownies too, and I was surprised at how easy they are to make! Served cold or hot with ice cream they are truly sublime.

Rather than keep the recipe a secret, I think it's always more fun to share the love.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

My First UK Dominoes Pizza Experience.

Right OK... I know what you're thinking... First Dominoes 'UK' Pizza... huh?

I have tried Dominoes before so it's not completely new to me. I tried it for the first time whilst living in New Zealand on my career break (I only lasted 3 months working for accommodation before I ran out of money... maybe I should have laid off the Dominoes pizza). Dominoes Pizza in NZ is a lot different from those in the UK, firstly they have an obsession with putting barbecue sauce on pizzas, and eggs... and it you ask for peppers? You get ground fresh pepper for an outrageous price (I made this mistake) if you want peppers (as we know in the UK) you need to ask for capsicums.

Henderson's Bistro - Stirling, Scotland

A place we visited on the way home from Loch Ness is to feature in the final post for my blog on tour.

Having already done the scenic way on the way up to Loch Ness we decided to take the less scenic way home but stop off at Stirling Castle (slightly detoured way home).

I love castles, any excuse to see one, I can't drive past without demanding to get out of the car and take pictures. So I when the options were given whether to go to Stirling Castle on the way home or stop by Loch Lomond (which have already seen but in very wintry conditions; parts of it were actually frozen!) there was no competition for me. Everyone else was dithering saying either would be nice and didn't make any firm decisions. I think my enthusiasm for the castle settled it.

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You can now follow my blog on Blog Lovin'!!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Natural Spice Drumnadrochit, Loch Ness, Scotland

Please note this establishment has now closed. 

So, after our big day out visiting the Isle of Skye we were far too tired to go back to the cabin and cook. We decided to try one of the local restaurants near to where we were staying.. there wasn't much choice and many places looked very unappetising and expensive.

We stumbled across the Natural Spice a new Indian restaurant (so new it hadn't managed to get an alcohol licence yet- so it was bring your own). One of the previous guests at our cabin had wrote a recommendation in the guest book about this place too.

The place was almost empty when we walked in with only two other tables occupied at around 7pm. The décor was very simple, minimalistic, and airy. Not something you would normally find in an Indian restaurant.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Cafe Arriba - Isle of Skye, Scottish Highlands

So on day three we decided to take a VERY long drive up to the Isle of Skye.

The weather was surprisingly good and the views were amazing. It was slightly cloudy which apparently makes the scenery better as when it's not cloudy and too hot your views are blurred with heat (I can't imagine this happening a lot in Scotland). More often than not the highlands are met with lots of low cloud and fog... meaning you can't see the amazing scenery. I was told that we had a chance of seeing red deer and I nearly strained my eyes out of my head trying to spot them but constantly being disappointed upon discovering all that I was seeing was a funny shaped rock or tree stump.

On the way up there we stopped at Eilean Donan Castle....

It's like a scene from a film.. breath taking.

Full of tourists.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Real Food Cafe - Tyndrum, Scotland.

The destination of our summer holiday was Loch Ness. I have seen very little of Scotland so we decided to take the scenic way. This way I got to see the amazing sights including Glencoe and Ben Nevis.

Which ever way we decided to drive up there it would have taken us over 4 hours to get there and we would have needed to stop for refreshements. F and D often like to travel around Scotland and see the sights, F likes to show off his country to his English wife, and who wouldn't? So due to F and D frequently driving on the roads north (of which there are not many and no motorways past Perth on the East coast, so no motorways insight for us past North Glasgow...) they know the roads and pitsops rather well. Where we were stopping for lunch had already been decided.

The Real Food Cafe is at the road side and near to it is The Green Welly Shop which houses it's own cafe but also a range of shops. The shops mainly consist of an outdoor shop and a whiskey shop... which stocks the most brands of whiskey I have seen in my life... ranging from £1.75 for a mini bottle to over £3,000 for vintage whiskey!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Dare - Otley Road and Skippy's North Lane Headingley, Leeds.

Last Saturday tea time my friend and I found ourselves wandering around the streets of Headingley trying to find something nice to eat. We had spent the afternoon playing pool and had some time to kill before meeting friends for cocktails.

Knowing that room needed to be left for cocktails we didn't want anything too big or too expensive (as cocktails don't come cheap) we wandered all the way down to The Olive Tree and back up to the Box. My friend was too hot and is never a big eater when hot and I was just being difficult and picky. So eventually after a lot of uming and aaah-ing and hovering outside eateries we decided upon Dare. I was a little put off at first as standing outside it smelt like a late night takeaway... We walked a bit further in and my friend tried to convince me it had started to smell better.

Dare is quite small, rather like a long corridor with a kitchen at the end. We requested a table for two and were put towards the back near the kitchen despite there being tables nearer the front. (This didn't help my friend's unhappiness at being too hot to eat).

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Marks and Spencers beef burgers with twice cooked chips.

I guess this post is half a review and half a recipe... I had bought some Marks and Spencer's beef burgers topped with Gruyere cheese on my way home one night because they were reduced to only £3 making that £1.50 per burger! Bargain.

So with burgers in hand I decided to make my own gourmet burger, this obviously would need some decent chips to match.. and some delicious coleslaw. I decided to buy M&S coleslaw as I love the stuff it's so creamy and crunchy. I would like to make my own some day but I would really prefer a recipe recommendation and thus far all I have is a recipe for apple coleslaw.....

I did a bit of searching around the internet for recipes for twice cooked chips as I would love to be able to make the perfect chip. I always go on and on about the chips a restaurant serves being a maker or breaker for me, so I guess it makes sense for me to try and make my own perfect chip. I took tips from many of the recipes I read due to not one of them looking like they would make my perfect chip.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Escobar Leeds

Please note this establishment has now closed.

I first heard about this establishment through groupon, I had a look on their website and realised that their everyday deals were just as good as the coupon being offered. Between 5pm and 7pm they do an early bird deal whereby you get 30% off food wine and cocktails, Tuesday to Saturday, the menu isn't subsidised either it's the regular menu which is available on this offer.

Myself and two friends decided to drop by after finishing work one Friday to line our stomachs before catching up with the rest of the group in the pub later on.

When we arrived we tried to get in using the wrong door and had to trail back up the side of the building to the door we had just passed, a little sign would have been helpful at this point!

The waitress was very friendly greeted us at the door and took us over to a table. There was only one other group of friends in the place, other than that it was pretty deserted for 5.45pm on a Friday night.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Leeds Loves Food Festival

Leeds Loves Food Festival took place between 1-3 July 2011

Once again this was all the tweeties could talk about and how amazing it was.... so obviously I had to check it out for myself!

Now I have never been to Leeds food festival before so I have nothing to compare it to. It was bigger than I expected it to be. I loved the fact that there were lots of Leeds' independent restaurants, bars and cafes there. I think I was expecting a larger version of the Kirkstall Deli Market. There were some independent retailers there too a lot more than Kirkstall Deli Market and a much wider range, but I guess this down to the foot fall millennium square gets to that of Kirkstall Abbey.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Barburrito - Leeds

OK... so Barburrito is not exactly the finest of establishments, but I do admit to eating here quite frequently. It's cheap and cheerful and the burritos are enormous!

The menu is not huge, with only four mains to chose from: Burrito, Burrito Bowl, Tacos and Nachos. I have only ever chosen the Burrito with chicken or slow cooked pork fillings being my favourites.

A bit like Subway, your Burrito is made along a line of food stuffs. You decide upon your meat (or veg) then your type of beans which ranges in spiciness, salsa again ranges in spiciness, cheese, sour cream and for a little extra you can have peppers in there too.

The Reliance - North Street, Leeds

If you want to go out for food on a weekend but avoid the madness that is the city centre on a Friday and Saturday night then... stray a little further.

The Reliance attracts all different kinds of clientèle from your older middle-class-jumper-wearing-as-a-scarf/shrug type to the couple type to the studenty type.  The dress code is relaxed smart casual; a great place to go in jeans or a bit more dressy if you're making a night of it.

It's split in to two parts: the bar downstairs and the dining room upstairs (although you can get nibbles from the dining menu to eat down at the bar too). On busier nights I'm informed that your name is written on the chalk board and you are called up from the spacious bar when your table is ready upstairs. There are plenty of board games stored in the bookcase to keep you occupied, including a personal favourite Scrabble. This time however we walked in and requested a table for two, the barmaid took our drinks and by the time they were ready so was our table.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Kirkstall Deli Market

I have been reading the hype on Twitter about Kirkstall Deli Market and decided I needed to give it a try. It's on the last Saturday of every month in the historic 12th Century ruins of Kirkstall Abbey.

The market is open 12-3pm, we got there about 1.45pm and some of the stalls had already packed up and left as they had already sold out of produce such as Box Pizza.

There were a lot of baking stalls and pickle stalls, so you're if partial to a bit of cake and pickle then you'd be spoilt for choice!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Railway Inn - Froghall Stoke on Trent

A short but sweet post this time in regards to The Railway Inn...

After a long day at work and then a long car drive down to Staffordshire to stay the night in a hotel, it was edging towards 9.30pm and I still hadn't eaten. Fearing of wasting away, my self and three friends decided to stop at the nearest place we could find that served food.

Unfortunately in the Staffordshire countryside there doesn't seem to be any late night fast food outlets so we set our sights on a pub... the first we stopped at didn't serve food but they did direct us to a place down the road.

Almost driving past the place we stopped by. We walked in and asked if they were still serving food (not fancying our chances seen as it was so late in the evening). They replied no and we walked out with our heads hung low.... we had almost reached the car when a young girl came running after us. The girl told us if we were wanting to eat they would put the stoves back on and the manager would be happy to cook for us (the cook had already gone home). Obviously we were delighted at their offer and their outstanding kindness.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Lucia's Wine Bar and Grill - York

It was a glorious summers day in York and we were strolling around trying to find somewhere to have dinner that wasn't one of those mass produced chain restaurants, you the know places I don't need to name them. So there we were manoeuvring our way through the cobbled bowing streets just near to the The Shambles and happened to see a small lane deviating away from one of the main streets of shops. Down this charming lane were twinkling lights and bright yellow décor tucked into a corner. The menu was at the end of the lane and we had a quick glance and immediately knew that we wanted to eat there.

We were greeted just as we approached by a friendly, smiley, pretty waitress who promptly showed us to our seats with no hesitation or that horrid awkwardness which sometimes grabs you when a waiter/waitress fumbles about asking where you would like to seat.. and you stand there for about 2 minutes thinking I have no idea I have never been here before. The best way to handle this situation (in my own opinion) is to show your guests to their seats and ask then if the table is good for them, you have then had the chance to look around whilst been guided to your table and can better assess the ambiance. Babbling again...

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Carluccio's - Leeds

Please note this establishment has now closed but you can still find them in Trinity Leeds. 

Bank Holiday Monday wandering around the damp streets of Leeds trying to find somewhere to eat for a late (taking over the shell of quid pro quo).

Carluccio's is an Italian restaurant. It's manifesto is to provide great quality authentic reasonably priced food at reasonable prices. If you're thinking that you recognise that name... Antonio Carluccio began this chain of restaurants in 1999. (Antonio Carluccio just to jog your memories is one half of the two greedy Italians, and often appears on Saturday morning kitchen).

Anyway back to my original purpose... but first a little disclosure, this 'critique' only applies to my experience at this restaurant yours may be very different!

We wandered in to the restaurant, which is divided in to two sections; the restaurant and the deli store. A guy putting out plates of cakes noticed us immediately and said hi; continued to put out his cakes and retreat back. So we were left floating hoping someone would tell us to go take a seat and or guide us to our seats.. another person said hello to us before we started moving towards the tables and we were approached by a waiter. We were allowed to choose our own seats and handed menus, and pointed towards the specials menu beside us.