Monday, 5 December 2016

Jamaica Blue - Trinity Leeds

Jamaica Blue is a product of Australia, or rather it was founded there 20 years ago. If you haven't heard Australia has a big coffee culture, I don't mean crappy coffee culture like they have in the US (not pointing any fingers at big coffee chains) but rather mastering coffee to a point where at least half the nation are coffee snobs. Sounds like my kind of place. 

I'd never heard of Jamaica Blue until it popped up in Trinity Leeds, when I discovered it was an international Australian franchise I was intrigued by what they had to bring to the Leeds coffee scene. It would have some steep competitors with the likes of Laynes, La Bottega Milanese and Mrs Athas amongst some of the local coffee producers such as Casa Espresso and Northern Star. The name 'Jamaica Blue' is apparently inspired by the blue mountains of Jamaica where they source their coffee (so their website tells me) and they even have their own coffee estate here too. They're apparently doing quite well for themselves (if the estate in Jamaica wasn't enough proof) and have numerous cafes all across Australia and now further afield such as China, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and now the UK. 

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Yorkshire Yogurts! Wensleydale Creamery launches a new luxury yogurt range.

When I first received a package from the Wensleydale Creamy in the post I thought "Ooh cheese" as I suspect most people would too, I wouldn't normally associate Wensleydale with Yogurt. Wensleydale was first brought in to my consciousness as a child, I didn't actually like cheese as a youngster (I was an incredibly fussy child) so it wasn't through my parents cheese board selections but instead through Wallace and Gromit who's favourite past time was to share some Wensleydale cheese.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Rola Wala Leeds is TWO !!

Things have changed at incredible speed in Leeds over the last few months, it doesn't feel like 2.5 years ago since Trinity opened and it feels like John Lewis only opened a couple of weeks ago.. oh wait. 

It most definitely doesn't feel like two years since Rola Wala decided to call Leeds their home from home (that other home being London) and set up permanent residency in Trinity Kitchen. I can't even remember what was situated in the permanent fixture before these guys came along, what I do remember is trying Rola Wala out when they were but a street food van on the rotation, I was gutted when they left and ecstatic when they decided to stay with us. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Trinity Kitchen - November/December 2016 Street Food Rotation

Trinity Kitchen is a great place to go with the pickiest of friends, everyone will find something they like here. The fact that it's forever changing with the rotation of the street food vans means that you can keep going back again and again and never getting bored.

So what does Trinity Kitchen have to offer us this month?

Saturday, 26 November 2016

The Mitre Inn - Knaresborough

I love Knaresborough, no matter the season. In the summer and spring you can climb aboard a rowing boat and sail down the river, in the autumn the colours of the trees are truly mesmerising and in the winter it make for a good stroll in the brisk Yorkshire air with the peace of mind that there isn't a warm cosy pub too far away.

Unfortunately the day that we visited Knaresborough my map reading skills weren't on fleek and we ended up lost several times until it started raining and we decided to seek cover in a pub. I'd already carried out some research prior to our visit on places to eat (something I tend to do right unlike map reading) as we needed a pub that was dog friendly and didn't only serve Sunday lunches on a Sunday... because believe it or not, not everyone likes Sunday lunch.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Marmadukes - Sheffield

The more time I spend in Sheffield the more I warm to it.

Look hard enough you will find good independents in amongst the chains in every city. I often visit Sheffield due to work and this limits exploring to a 1.5 mile radius of the office during lunch time.

Despite these restrictions, as of late I have found a couple of gems hidden within this city. There are far more to be found and quite predominantly around the Nether Edge and Kelham Island regions of the city, unfortunately both are a little too far out of reach for my lunch time strolls, but if you should visit make a beeline for these areas.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Fazenda Christmas Lunch

If you haven’t booked your Christmas lunch or dinner yet with friends or colleagues you are severely lagging behind, I know people who started booking them January this year for December 2016. If you’re still undecided on where to go I offer to you an alternative, Fazenda, Christmas style.

Fazenda probably isn’t one of the first places that spring to mind when you think of Christmas, skewered steaks and Brazilian food isn’t particularly festive (in the UK). If you’re going to a few Christmas ‘do’s’ this year (you lucky thing) you might get a little bored of Turkey roast dinners and bland Christmas puddings, so why not sink your teeth in to some steak instead?

Monday, 24 October 2016

Cau - Victoria Gate Leeds

In all honesty I was slightly disappointed with the number of new restaurants opening with Victoria Gate, the original press release suggested much more than two restaurants and a Pret A Manger (because Leeds really needs another Pret), or perhaps I was just being too hopeful. Nevertheless I am always going to have a look in to what is new in town and so I did, last Friday the day after opening.

Cau is an Argentinian steak and burger restaurant (again because Leeds is seriously lacking in this department), a chain with Leeds being its 22nd opening. A clever play on words Cau (abbreviated from Carne Argentina Unica) pronounced by many sounds like you're saying 'cow' and seen as this is their main offering it fits the bill. Rather than trying to capture the whole of Argentina in a restaurant they have singled out Buenos Aires as a focal point.

As mentioned, we arrived last Friday evening their (and Victoria Gate's) second day of opening. We hadn't booked I was just hoping to wing a reservation and wasn't too fussed about waiting for a table. We arrived at 8.10pm and were told by the host that there was a 40 minute wait on a table as a large group had just arrived. Having no problem with this we settled at the bar and ordered a couple of cocktails, another couple arrived shortly after us and were told the same.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Chaophraya - Leeds

It’s definitely been over 5 years since I visited Chaophraya as I know for certain that if I had been I would have blogged about it and I haven’t. I have visited a few times before my blogger life began and from memory I used to really enjoy the meals there, the only suggestion I can provide for not returning is that since my blogger life started new and shiny restaurants tend to catch my eye more often than the solid oldies. Pretty bad really and something I am trying to rectify!

As you can imagine their menu has changed many times since I last visited, they’ve even expanded in to the ground floor since I lasted visited. Their most recent menu change, which launched this month, sees them trying to be a little different. When first starting out 10 years or so ago Thai ingredients weren’t so easy to come by and so alternatives or basic Thai dishes were the only way to bring a sense of what Thai food can offer. In recent years the UK’s food scene has blown up rather a lot and finding niche products is becoming easier, no longer is acceptable just to have a Thai red chicken curry when there is so much more on offer.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Trinity Kitchen - October 2016 Street Food Rotation

When Trinity Kitchen first opened 3 years ago I started to write a post about it. I was overly excited by its opening and I visited quite a bit. The rotation of street food vans and a nice warm place to eat such street food was a novel idea, I loved it. 

I never published said post because it felt like every food blogger out there was doing so and I didn't think I could bring anything new to the party. 

It's difficult to review somewhere that changes so frequently, granted they have their permanent fixtures and out of these there are only two I really like, those being Pho and Rola Wala the last edition to call Trinity Kitchen their permanent home. 

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Elizabeth Cottam Former Masterchef Semi Finalist Takes Up Residency at The New Ellington Leeds

The New Ellington has completely bypassed my consciousness, despite being next to My Thai (at The Old Steps) and a hop and a skip away from (what was once) Baby Jupiter. That was until a couple of weeks ago when I learnt that Masterchef Semi Finalist Liz Cottam has taken up residence there.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Jubo Raj - Rawdon

The trepidation that comes with moving house would be slightly unbearable if there wasn't also a mix of excitement bottled in with it. Such anxiety is caused by wondering if everything in the house will work, are there any unidentified leaks, what will the neighbours be like and will I find a good takeaway to replace those which I have left behind? 

Roundhay was amazing for takeaways, my mind was blown when I first moved there from Shipley. There is just a ridiculous amount and when I found out I could get hummus and olives delivered to my door I went a little crazy and ordered that plus more food than one person could ever eat. Over the two and half years I spent in Roundhay I made a good dint in the takeaway offerings and during the last year to eighteen months I definitely found my favourites and then pretty much stuck to them. I was honestly gutted to leave them behind, to no longer have excellent pizza, the perfect Chinese and the best takeaway Indian (outside of Bradford) on my doorstep brings a tear to my eye. Okay that might be a slight exaggeration but trying to find something(s) to compare was going to be a mean task. 

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Polpo - Havey Nichols Leeds

There was a lot of excited chatter on the interweb about Polpo taking over Yo!Sushi’s spot in Harvey Nichols. Having never lived down south their existence had passed me by. It was those who are frequent enjoyers (or previous enjoyers) of the London food scene who brought them to the forefront of my consciousness.

With my curiosity peaked I took it upon myself to do some ‘research’, I like what I saw. Venetian style tapas, or bacaro to be precise, with some interesting dishes popping up on their Instagram it seemed to be my type of place. I tried to be sneaky and pre-book a table prior to their opening but I was pushed back and told I would need to wait until they opened. Okay I could be patient.

Then we decided to buy a house and it all went tits up as all our money drained in to a money sewer called ‘solicitor/mortgage/survey fees’ followed shortly by needing all our dosh to for things to sit on in and sleep on in said house.  

Monday, 15 August 2016

Beer Pairing at Byron Burger Harrogate

Back in the day it was all about wine and food pairing, however with craft beer being well and truly established in the UK with many claiming to be the ultimate beer connoisseur/advocate/geek (whatever your adnoun preference) I have seen a surge of beer pairing events. Don't get me wrong wine still has its place it was only a few weeks ago where I attended such a wine and food pairing event at Crafthouse.

If you Google 'beer and food pairing' the internet throws up a whole host of charts and pictorgrams to help you pair the perfect beer with the perfect food. Gone are the days when beer was simply paired with a curry or a burger.... however saying that Beer doesn't go handsomely with a big juicy burger.